No Mention of Thomas MacDonagh

Local Drogheda historian, Brendan Matthews is furious at there being no mention of Thomas MacDonagh  in a local exhibition on the theme of the Easter Rising.

I went to the Drogheda Library in Stockwell St. yesterday  morning and saw the Display Boards on the 1916 Rising which is part of the Exhibition of the Drogheda Civic Trust.

I will say this: I am not on any of the Social Media websites, but I encourage any of you who is on them to spread this word.

The Exhibition Display Boards have no mention, NO MENTION, of poor Thomas MacDonagh; they have the Six other Signatories of the Proclamation on display, but in stead of MacDonagh, they have in his place Roger Casement.

The Display Boards also depict the series of events that led up to and were inclusive of the Rising and all the Key locations of where there were encounters between Rebels and Brits. But again, there is a mention of where each of the six signatories were stationed during Easter Week, but no mention, NO MENTION, of MacDonagh.

Added to this insult is the fact, a true fact, that all on the display boards are directly lifted; cut and pasted from Wikipedia: just type in `The 1916 Easter Rising` on google and its the first thing that comes up and they just cut and pasted this info.

But the Insult to the event as a whole is the omission of Thomas MacDonagh from the entire "Exhibition." So please spread this word as much as it can be spread through Facebook etc.

The Civic Trust begin their talks on 1916 at the Library this coming week, so spread the word to all and everyone by mouth, by e mail, by text, by phone and by social media.

Thanking you for your time.

One seriously pissed off historian

Brendan Matthews

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