Is Jonathan Powell About To Make A Killing, So To Speak, In Libya?

The Broken Elbow discusses a report from a Maltese paper suggesting that Jonathan Powell might be up to no good in Libya.

I came across this fascinating if disturbing report, below, in The Times of Malta in the middle of last month and immediately emailed Jonathan Powell’s conflict mediation outfit, Inter Mediate, for a comment. Two weeks later I am still waiting for a reply.

Jonathan Powell, as regular readers of this blog will know, was chief of staff to Tony Blair when he was British prime minister and along with George W Bush invaded Iraq, a disaster which eventually gave us those interesting people in ISIS.

Powell was also Blair’s point man during the NI peace process negotiations and, according to some US sources, so fell under the IRA’s spell that he refused to believe it had carried out the Northern Bank robbery or was involved in the stabbing murder of Robert McCartney.

Whatever the truth of all that, it is certainly known that he was so taken with Messrs Adams & McGuinness that he invited the pair to his wedding. Apparently they had the good sense to decline.

After helping to consign the Middle East to decades of war and death and plunging Europe into a refugee crisis which has given birth to new neo-Nazi and right-wing movements throughout the continent, Blair and Powell set out in their separate ways to make a fortune out of telling the world how to resolve the conflicts and bloodshed they had helped foster.

Jonathan Powell (far left) poses with Gerry Adams and other friends at an undisclosed venue

Blair conned the Middle East’s leaderships into appointing him as a peace envoy in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which he then parlayed into a fortune as an advisor to any government willing to throw money at him, and now Jonathan Powell is well on the way to amassing his in a not dissimilar way.

He set up Inter Mediate five years ago and then got himself appointed by UK prime minister, David Cameron as Britain’s Libya envoy, which, since Cameron is, along with Hillary Clinton, largely responsible for that miserable country’s seemingly endless trauma, may sound to some ears like the pyromaniac sending in the arsonist to put out the fire.

Hillary Clinton’s repellent adviser and ‘spy-on-the-ground in Libya’, Sidney Blumenthal let the cat out of Jonathan Powell’s bag when he revealed in an email to the then Secretary of State – subsequently disclosed during the FBI probe of Clinton’s email server – that Inter Mediate works closely with the British spy agency MI6 (also known as SIS) as well as the British Foreign Office and the US National Security Council.

Anyway, according to The Times of Malta report, Powell is at the centre of a UN-led conspiracy to foist yet another undemocratic government on the hapless people of Libya and then use it to legitimise a massive Western military offensive against ISIS. The new Powell-installed government is of course unelected but no matter: a fortune awaits in fees and arms sales from which Mr Powell will undoubtedly benefit.

Here is the piece in The Times of Malta. (Because of its geographical proximity to Libya, Malta has a dog in any fight Mr Powell helps to start there. The author of the piece, Richard Galustian, appears to be a well regarded and informed writer on the Libyan conflict):

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