Faux Terrorism: War & Fear Mongering

Frank O'Brien writing in the wake of the Brussels attacks examines the ole of the West.  Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

I agree with Sean Stone, Dr. Kevin Barrett and Sibel Edmonds[of the online site BoilingFrogsPost] that this latest Brussels, Belgium attack was likely another false flag meant to steer the conversation in the West towards even greater cooperation between the NATO, American and “other interested parties,” who’s ultimate goal, as James Corbett[of The Corbett Report], might say, is the realization of a global solution to the perpetual and dubious War on Terror.

In the one of the latest episodes of the now retitled “Enter the Buzzsaw,” which has been a show on the Net based LipTV, all three of the above discuss the implications, and driving agendas behind the Brussels attack, and my agreement with them just goes to show you how freedom can make for some strange bed fellows.

Though I am mainly what used to be called a pinko, I have strong libertarian views, which only goes to splinter this false understanding that people have about there being a Left/Right paradigm.

There is a whole spectrum made up of people from both sides, and those with a mixture[like me] of both, who oppose the still much desired New World Order, which even Henry Kissinger has openly talked about, besides former president George H. W. Bush, and a plethora of other neo-conservative ideologues, besides their political henchmen. In the latest “Enter the Buzzsaw” they, towards the end, mention the Oded Yinon Plan, a vehemently Zionist plan, which calls for the Balkanization of the Middle East, which is meant to maximize the staying power and growth of Israel, yet though I agree with Dr. Kevin Barrett’s analysis that Israel was one of the key players behind the September 11th attacks in 2001, I don’t feel that they are our puppet masters making us dance to their tune.

I firmly believe that the American faction of the globalists is in fact completely aware, and in control of itself, seeing itself as the harbinger of a coming new order of the ages where American hegemony is kept going, and even expanded, mainly to meet the needs of the still growing American population.

The so-called War on Terror is a means to an end, conveniently scapegoating Muslims, that itself is eaten up by the Born Again so-called Christian Right Wing in America, even though any sane one of these constituents can plainly see that we are headed towards disaster if unless we pull back from the brink, otherwise causing another world war, that would make WWII look like a tea party. Some of these overly confident hypocrites are just as psychotic and sociopathic as their oligarch, and political leaders, not caring the price to be paid by their grandchildren, and great grandchildren, who could be very well left barely living in a “Mad Max” like, post apocalyptic world. There was a MOSSAD network that was uncovered right after 9/11, having drawn attention to itself by the famous “dancing Israelis,” who were seen jumping up and down, celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City while the whole event went on. Just as with the mysterious Saudi owned Ptech software company, who had infiltrated the heart of the American government, the Israelis were found to be part of a big infrastructure which was connected to Israeli companies who were contracted to do sensitive work for the US government, almost as if Uncle Sam had rolled out the red carpet for these groups themselves.

The obvious knowledge derived from looking at both incidents is that, much like today, the Israelis and Saudis were working together towards the same objective, even if being at odds with each other on other issues….strange bed fellows indeed! And obviously there were many, mainly in the Carlyle Group, the banking sector and neocon ideologue camp, who damn well knew about these combinations of connections, having allowed it all since they were actually directing it all, having been working on it as early as the Reagan administration. People like Dick Cheney, George H. W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Perle, were involved with foreign policy formulation, and as well as being active participants during the Nixon, Ford and then Reagan administrations, some having been involved with writing up the much talked about COG[Continuity of Government] plans that were initially put in place in case we ever had gone to war with the old Soviet Union. Now these plans were to be implemented if say the nation was “under attack” by other forces, which in the case of the false Muslim bogeyman terrorist, is a fairly amorphous entity which would be perfect for these mad men since a less clearly defined enemy is easier for manipulating the American public’s opinion.

Those who put together 9/11, and now the Brussels and Paris attacks, easily have sidelined the naysayers by labeling them nutters[as they’re called in Britain] and as conspiracy theorists, even though enough salient points have been made by the latter to win their day in court. The Brussels attack shouldn’t have been able to get off the ground for the very fact that there is now more of a security cordon around Europe, and specifically the nations making it up, aka the European Union, if unless it was allowed to get off the ground by certain authorities. Unlike Sean Stone, who thinks that ultimately it is the British crown who are behind the whole charade, I think that the leaders, or competing leadership is led by an American cabal who have been in power as far back as WWI, just when the British Empire was beginning to wane, leaving room open for the next triumphant victor, or new Empire.

Now since 9/11, the new shot heard round the world, it is the American Empire that is in the decline, leaving room open yet again for either a new leader or, in fact, a new coordinated leadership, this time being a combination of the English, American and other NATO countries, the latter being best exemplified by France and Germany. This has been almost more a war of intelligence than a war of militaries, with much that has gone on behind the scenes doing more to steer the boat of folly towards the desired end game of a global one world government, and depending upon how it goes, including a world war, pitting East against West. It seems more likely that it could include a war of East against West, depending upon whether there is any more constructed tension between America and Russia, or the same between America and China, but it is for sure that there is a behind the scenes struggle for the world’s natural resources, namely being oil, which lies not so strangely in these smaller Middle Eastern and Eurasian countries.

As James Corbett has pointed out, the fight for dominance in Eurasia is to be the biggest one of any of the conflicts that have so far gone on in the new century, one that so far has included the destabilization of the Middle East, and the push towards NATO dominance in the East of Europe. As some experts have openly wondered about, it is not clear as to whether Russia is now cooperating in these endeavors with the West, or whether there still is real tension between them both.

Geopolitically speaking Russia is doing rather well because of her working relationship with China, and the other BRICS nations, which include India, Brazil and South Africa, as well as Iran in the Middle East. The dirty war that has existed between Russia and the West has several times seemed like it would break out into open warfare at any number of several markers along this long road, but thankfully Russia has been content to be patient, biding it’s time so far, and not directly challenging the West over transgressions, basically being the no so subtle coup d’etat in the Ukraine two years ago. Once Russia intervened in the American constructed Syrian conflict it was clear that she had tired of sitting on the sideline, so deciding to finally make some of her own moves on the global chessboard game, trying maybe to put a crimp in America’s side.

Russia Today, or RT, was and has been part of a concerted effort to influence American public opinion through the media, with the added benefit that it has served as a platform from which libertarian and left wing opinions have better been able to reach the otherwise complacent American public.

Obama frustratingly never delivered on hardly any of his initial campaign promises, surprise, surprise, since he’s been from the beginning solidly in the pocket of the Chicago crowd that first made him a senator. This has left the door wide open for the conservative Republicans who want back into the Oval Office, which is best represented by the flurry of support of Donald Trump.

It must be kept in mind that this false dichotomy between Left and Right is a carefully constructed mask, neither side really being much different than the other in their long term objectives, and both being interested in keeping the status quo, even though Bernie Sanders would seem to be for truly progressive reforms. The Neo-Liberal Establishment which encompasses both the Left/Right make believe divide, desires a perpetuation of it’s own existence by getting people to continue to support either side of the pretend spectrum. This is best accomplished by again pitting one side against another in the perennial struggle for dominance by tribes of people, though the real architects are as always those at the very top, who don’t always wind up paying for their sins in blood. By looking in the mirror we see who ultimately can win this struggle, that is if we turn the whole thing around by seizing control of the situation.

Once you realize the malarkey that is both biased and has a political spin given to it is not for you, you can better assay the information coming to you, deciding upon going to foreign news outlets for a change in coverage, and perspective, besides getting the commentary of a whole range of ALT pundits to supplement your own personal convictions. Obviously bad as they are, as be these attacks, one should never give into easy solutions when situations like these have so many different sides to them, making them truly complex, with no real one line solutions. The labeling of as pure canards, the information coming from questioning ALT media outlets, is laughable at best when the actual garbage is coming from the corporate mainstream, and government controlled press itself. When in moments after an event the perpetrators are so easily identified is ridiculous at worst, and depressing at best. As Saudi Arabia’s royal family, and Turkey’s dictator, Recep Erdogan­, are about to find out, being friends of the US has its own kind of price that must be paid, that one being in blood.

This is not to say that all violence is state sponsored, but that a good portion of it is at first, until a certain segment gets tired of seeing everyone getting hurt by the real terrorists, which is NATO et al. Americans couldn’t imagine before 9/11 what it was like to be driven into pure panic mode, yet even now we don’t reflect enough upon how our drone strikes many times take out innocent lives, steering another kid into joining the Sunni extremist movement’s arms. Maybe if we decided to stop and think long enough before allowing our military to invade another country, we’d decide upon more peaceful ways of answering these attacks which have been many times false flags.


  1. O' Brien has just confirmed he is a servant to the shape shifting alien overlords who were the real architects of 9-11.Every expose he writes is just disinfo, to obsure the actual agenda.

  2. Frank O'Brien does nothing but repeat tired old cliched conspiracy theories in a rambling muddle headed unreadable fashion.

  3. hello smartarses, did alien shape shifters cause the plane to completely disappear in pensylvania on that day.

    "This crash was different. There was no wreckage, no bodies, and no noise."
    - Somerset County Coroner Wallace Miller [1]
    "I was looking for anything that said tail, wing, plane, metal. There was nothing."
    - Photographer Scott Spangler [2]
    "I was amazed because it did not, in any way, shape, or form, look like a plane crash."
    - Patrick Madigan, commander of the Somerset barracks
    of the Pennsylvania State Police [3]

    did u guys believe the official bloody sunday story. did alien shape shifters open fire on the brits first. what is the 'actual agenda' being obscured here. anyone who believes building seven collapsed into its own footprint (after it was announced collapsed on the bbc 20 mins before it did collapse) just because of a few fires is on drugs.

    does the recent footage of a plane NOT going into the pentagon on that day mean the explosion was caused by alien shape shifters (look at cheney before committee on the day before 911.)

    once again, what is the 'actual agenda'.

  4. Jerome G,

    Considering the angle and speed of descent their is nothing unusual regarding the crash site. The witnesses are speaking from seeing aircraft that have crashed through other means as their point of reference, as opposed to one that has been deliberately flown into the ground at full throttle. Not surprised their was not much recognizable after that.

    The conspiracy lays elsewhere. WTC 7 is a just blatant demo job. I think this is were the fuck up is. Perhaps another plane was supposed to hit it?

  5. Its the same tech that makes you you regularly 'disappear' from here Grouch even though your still present after all of them.They must of got to you too.

  6. Jerome G,i bet you dont believe in the moon landing either? Yawn. So tiresome and predictable.

  7. Conspiracy theorism is the hobby of the foolish,ignorant and uninformed.

  8. david coppperfield made the plane disappear. who said anything about the moon? how about talking about the gulf of tonkien instead, or pearl harbour, or the lusitania, or maybe ur more comfortable talking about the moon and alien shape shifters. sadly, these cunts are all too human. dont know what that comment means daith d. chic, is this guy for real too - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jPzAakHPpk - or is he just another foolish ignorant and uninformed conspiracy theorist. and maybe this woman here is a prophet and can see into the future - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=677i43QfYpQ. you guys never adress legitimate questions about that day, just the same old guff about aliens and the moon and conspiracy theories. my mate was in new york last september, was on a boat trip and the guide was pointing out the new building and talked about 911. my mate innocently asked him where was building 7 situated. the guide seized up, my mate thought he didnt get his accent so asked him again, the guy ignored him and went all weird. later he was in a bar and recounted what happened. he was told to hush!!!! when he came home there was a one hour documentary on tv3 about twin towers, u mite have seen it. THEY DIDNT EVEN FUCKING MENTION BUILDING 7 IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING PROGRAM. suffice to say, he has a different view of things now, and like me, is getting used to being called - daft, silly, loon, conspiracy nut by the mainstream media controlled masses. such is life. btw chic, i found ur boyfriend online; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7oGx2dImE8

  9. Grouch its in Bible, the book of Genesis : the Sons of the God married the daughters of man. Alien/Human hybrids are our secret rulers, and they shape shift, but then you know this already, they got to you. Thats why you persist with the nonsense reasons for 9-11, it was the alien overlords, your true masters.

  10. whatever. as i said daithi, you never address real questions. what would you ask larry silverstein if u met him? or the lady from the bbc. would u ask them a serious question about the words they spoke or just go off on one about shape shifters?

  11. He doesn't answer questions is right because despite his pretentious nonsense he's not able to. In case you weren't aware grouch, good old David, our beloved and all-knowing UCD scholar, singlehandedly uncovered the truth around Byilding 7 a few months ago - 'steel cables' took it down. When asked to explain whether this also then causer the Towers to fall or how the collapsed were not related he refused to answer and disappeared off the radar. Nothing else to see, move along please...

  12. bres, happy easter(ish) comrade, the only way i see it is the elite are sort of insane , the upper levels of the elite that is, it doesnt get on my goat anymore that smart and decent people (and im sure if i met daithi that is the impression i wud get of him) dont buy in to the way i see things. it is a bit of a headwrecker to try and comprehend these psychos and see their way of looking at things. i believe now we are living in the time of 'spiritual wickedness in high places'. they dont teach that at ucd or any other college - maybe maynooth! i dont understand why daithi who knows the very good reasons people have to question the official line should resort to silly billy stuff. thats when i wonder why he does it. at least acknowledge legitimate questions. if someone came along and proved things were different and that i was wrong all along there wud be no-one happier than me. i dont like believing what i believe in. i want to be disproved. name calling and going on about shapeshifters is not going to do it for me though. on another note - have u heard of a book called - Strangers at Home by Murt Mac Garraidhe?

  13. Grouch you might like a podcast I listen to called "those conspiracy guys" they talk in depth about all those incidents you mentioned, a couple of Irish fellas too. Its a good listen.

  14. sound, but why listen to two paddies who werent there on that day when u can listen to working men, firemen, who lost their colleagues as they heard bombs going off and witnessed melting steel in rivers all around them. i listen to them first - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQrpLp-X0ws

  15. 'they were only 4 % and look what happened', rudy dent. what a great man.