Easter Centenary Commemoration A Resounding Success In Derrylin

The 1916 Societies held an Easter commemoration in Derrylin.

The annual Fermanagh 1916 Societies commemoration took place at the grave of Jim Murphy on Easter Sunday at 11.30am.

Pictures of the eight Fermanagh men who fought in Dublin in 1916 were carried in the parade and placed beside the stage to signify the Centenary and importance of 1916 Rising.

Eamon McPhillips from Newtownbutler chaired proceedings, stating:

This year marks 100 years since the 1916 Easter Rising, when on Monday 24th April an exceptional Republican leadership organised an insurrection against a foreign, unwelcome and occupying British force. And from the steps of the GPO Padraig Pearse read aloud the 1916 Proclamation, declaring Ireland a Sovereign and Independent Nation.

For over six days these Irish Patriots, seriously out-manned and with much less artillery to hand, fought a courageous and gallant fight in the pursuit of Irish Freedom, laying the groundwork for the flame that still burns in Ireland today.

Britain’s response to the Rising was to execute those involved and by your attendance here today you pay tribute to their memory and to the memory of our own local patriot Jim Murphy. For that the 1916 Societies thank you.
Wreaths were laid from the Murphy family, former comrades, the Sean MacDiarmada Society Fermanagh and Firinne. Easter lilies were also laid at the graves of all the old IRA Volunteers buried in the graveyard by family members. Ex-POW Colm Lynagh read the 1916 Proclamation, followed by Ex-POW Brian McHugh giving a reading of the Fermanagh IRA Roll of Honour.

The main speaker was Independent Republican Cllr. Bernice Swift, who focused her speech on ending partition in Ireland in 2016. Bernice stated:

As we gather here today to commemorate the now well-famed Centenary, the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising when our great Republican leaders of 1916 took on the might of the British Empire, we also respectfully remember and commemorate the 42nd Anniversary of the murder of our own Fermanagh Republican leader Jim Murphy from Corraveigha.

And we really must ask ourselves, what has changed in all of those years? The answer is simply NOTHING. But now is the time to make partition history – just as the men and women before us attempted to do.

Continuing she said:

Every Irish man and woman should be feeling the patriotism that filled the souls of the likes of Sean MacDiarmada – I’m not talking about the RTÉ revisionist patriotism but the genuine Republican aim and objective to FREE Ireland from British control and tyranny. But how can we do that?

The 1916 Societies have launched their Petition for an All-Ireland Referendum on Irish Unity, so come all ye young rebels and be part of the Patriot Game. If you want freedom and independence for Ireland sign your name on the
One Ireland One Vote Petition today. I have already signed and ask all to do the same. Together we can make our voice heard, to free Ireland and make our land a Nation Once Again.

Bernice concluded:

One final, lasting memorial to our 1916 Leaders has still to be realised and that is the freedom of our country from foreign occupation – the cause for which they gave their lives. Let us go forward with OUR republican bravery, with dedication and determination and please sign the Petition for an All-Ireland Referendum.

Make the call, do your patriotic duty, be proud Irishmen and proud Irish women. Demand the freedom of your country and as our 1916 Leader Sean MacDiarmada once said, DAMN YOUR CONCESSIONS ENGLAND, WE WANT OUR COUNTRY.

Bernard Swift sung a song he wrote in memory of Jim Murphy before John Murray played Amhrán na bhFiann to close proceedings.

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