Creeping Fascism In America

Frank O'Brien fears fascism on the rise in the US. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

The insurgency campaign of presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, and the equal renegade campaign of Donald Trump, are signs of the times, when people are finally sick and tired of politics as usual, which has only left them living below the poverty line.

When both the Left and the Right are more than grumbling, but in fact are rioting at Trump rallies, you feel as if it were the days of the late 1960s, when there was so much division that it nearly tore the country apart. It is good to see this catharsis play out in the wide open so that the world can see the forces of good fighting the forces that act subservient to corporate power, and war mongering that simply justifies the unjustifiable number of innocents killed in our perpetual war on terror, that then simply fuels or adds fuel to the fire of Islamic terrorism.

There is also the heavy price that every Muslim pays for, stemming from the rampant Islamophobia that comes from the sheer ignorance that a certain section of society has from not being very intelligent to begin with. The flurry of support for Trump I know from looking at it from various coverage of it, includes surprisingly some very intelligent people, both white collar and middle class, leading one to ask, is there some revolt going on in the process of the presidential campaign. Including the tremendous support that Bernie Sanders has gotten, there is actually a revolt going on in slow motion, and we should encourage more debates, ones maybe that also include the legitimate other presidential candidates, that are frozen unjustifiably out of the major debates.

If more people, who lean hard on the three major news networks for their news, knew that there were these other political parties out here with their own nominees, maybe they would pay less attention to the Republican and Democrat candidates, demanding instead to hear from the other political parties, instead of the two party mafia that have had control for over a hundred years.

Even Bernie Sanders doesn't go far enough on social justice issues to completely please me, so I admire more the other libertarian, and Left wing candidates of the smaller parties, even admiring the anarchist views of James Corbett and Jeff Berwick. The networks have said that their research demonstrates that Trump would lose against Hillary if she gets the Democratic nomination, which could be equally accomplished if enough Americans were to switch their allegiance to outside political parties, which if enough knew about some of the libertarian candidates, they would no doubt switch over their support from Trump.

The time is rife for revolution, just as in the 60s and 70s, it is just that right now it is magnified a bit more from its complexities, which out number those of the Vietnam era. There are even television political programs that cater to this revolutionary, and self deprecating catharsis that we are going through once more, which seems to happen every few generations. Some of these are "Days of Revolt" with Chris Hedges, "The Empire Files" with Abby Martin, both on teleSur, "The Corbett Report" with James Corbett, accessed from its own website, with new programs on a weekly basis, and all content free for download.

Ours is the generation of change that can and could change around the top down status quo Establishment, remaking it into a more equitable system where everyone is looked after, even those who have for too long suffered under crushing poverty, and other degradations. Race relations are being questioned once more, as to whether the cancer of racism really ever was excised from society by the likes of the Civil Rights movement, or whether it merely went under ground while on the surface everything seemed to have gotten better, when in fact it stayed the same in all actuality. The brainwashed American public for way too long has been under the false assumption that there is a distinct Left/Right paradigm, when in fact this is a bunch of baloney peddled by the Establishment, and their slavish representatives in the Democratic and Republican parties. In fact more Americans are in agreement with each other than the media ever reports, unless of course you decide to start listening to the ALT press which comes closer to the truth in their reporting and analysis. For 15 years since 9/11, the ALT press has finally gotten for itself some really good analysts, ideologues, and reporters, who have been warning us about the militarization of police forces, the war mongering that lead us into intractable quagmires like Afghanistan and Iraq, and now our ruination of Syria and Libya, causing Europe's crisis with an overwhelming number of refugees, who are technically homeless, and poverty stricken.

Naturally with the knee jerk Right wing/Fascist political parties in Europe making political book off of the recent French and Belgium terrorist attacks, by blaming it on immigrant Muslim communities, calling for either their expulsion or taking away their civil liberties and other human rights, it is easy to see how we must guard against another Hitler rising to power. According to the author, and commentator, Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell, who I trust a lot, there is a Nazi International that has existed and has grown since the dismantling of the Third Reich, and a lot of WWII veterans would be shocked to know about it, especially after they fought so hard for the crushing of it. To have seen the slow rise of a more than almost creep towards fascism in the post 9/11 era has been so disheartening, scary and shocking that it nearly makes the still sane want to flee America almost like the old defectors from the former Soviet Union wanted to escape the monstrosity started by Lenin and Stalin.

These last two characters gave communism a really bad name, without a lot of Americans realizing that Karl Marx never intended for his ideas to be so perverted by some Russian tricksters. Real communism and socialism is preferable to the Neo-Liberalism and Neo-Conservativism of the American elites, with these elite American political philosophies having been behind the slow erosion of American rights and values. So when a traditional conservative and liberal debate with each other, knowing these little known above truths, they might more easily find common ground, which is even more possible between the majority, who are a combination of liberal/conservative.

Very few Americans want, or would desire a continuation of the fascism that Germany, and Italy made famous during WWII, since it goes completely against traditional values, and even religion, both Christian, Muslim, and even Jews. "Liberation Theology" which got a few priests, nuns and even a bishop killed in the Reagan era Latin America, which was full of American trained death squads, and CIA covert meddling, right down to illegal arms shipments and training of the Contras, was and is a truer interpretation of Jesus's teachings from the bible, and is socially progressive in calling for complete social justice. It is merely a call for equal parity between rich and poor, where the poor are helped out of poverty by those who are well off, including those all the way up to the super rich. Obviously this didn't happen so far, and all of those rich born again Christians are hypocrites, never really understanding the true message of Jesus, which was aimed as seeing the down trodden as the real inheritors of the Earth, and God's truly chosen people.

This current dalliance with fascism is so far away from traditional American values, that our government has done more awful things in their so-called War on Terror, that it rivals 9/11, as to put to shame every last American citizen. Those who don't understand this simply haven't done their home work, and need to watch a few episodes of Abby Martin's "The Empire Files," and Chris Hedge's "Days of Revolt" available on teleSur and YouTube. One will never hope to reach those stricken with the mind numbing rhetoric, that has turned them into unquestioning fanatics, but perhaps the message of the truth can reach the still sane, and level headed that mistakingly have been following the wrong horse. It simply is a calling to where the average American becomes their own thinker, by researching things outside the said normal avenues, like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, looking at the political situation from alternative sources.

Once a real concerted effort is made by someone who normally goes by Establishment media outlets, they realize a world being out there they haven't given thought to. Only by this happening more, can we begin to turn around the drift towards ignorance driven politics pushing us towards a new fascist world in which the American Empire will implode, bringing down the rest of the West with it. We must all do our own parts in helping to combat this, and bringing about a positive change in America and American foreign policy, and a new formulation for fighting terrorism, which includes going after the root causes of terrorism, which are many and complicated, having been exacerbated by the war crimes of the West in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya and Syria. All it takes is using your favorite search engine, and some thoughtful search strings to get a hold of new sources of information, and which can educate one on things that were thought to be true, but are actually false.

It is our shared responsibility to be educated voters, and to find out for ourselves what we have been wrong about. As always it is up to you.

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