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Frank O'Brien argues that 9/11 is a cover up on a scale with Watergate. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

The events of 9/11 are in so many ways as clouded as the mysterious events of the Watergate scandal, the only difference being that a modicum of justice was had concerning the latter, but both are still steeped in obfuscation, lies, much talked about side scandals on the Net and in books.

Watergate had its CIA sexpionage call girl ring, political operatives from the shady side like E. Howard Hunt, besides secret slush/hush money accounts, while 9/11 had Ptech with mysterious Saudi Arabian businessmen, insider trading that went on in the days leading up to it, besides the whole movie spectacular like events. Again the only difference is how much media attention Watergate got, how long the news investigation lasted in its size and scope, plus a president was impeached, thereby forced to resign in disgrace, and not so small bit players serving prison time.

The question here is how is it that the country's biggest political scandal was investigated so thoroughly by the Washington, and American press, yet the country's single biggest terrorist attacks has received little to none of this kind of attention by the same press. The hard questions were asked around the time of Watergate, leads followed out to the Nth degree, so much attention getting it actual Senate hearings, while 9/11 was almost soft-pedalled by the press, and only a commission was set up to investigate it. Hell, the Iran-Contra scandal was given actual hearings too, so why not the biggest ever terrorist attacks on the country, and where was the press's investigations of the intricacies involved before, and during the attacks.

You see what I mean at least? Only independent investigations, done by assorted academics, engineers and financial types were done, that were finally able to pull out so many strands of informative hair, that what we have today are the sole results of them, whistleblowers and dedicated ALT news media. The official commission report is thoroughly mystifying in what it leaves out, so thanks only to the independents, who became today's "Truth movement," we have enough verifiably bizarre and strange threads to weave a pattern pointing to a much larger, intricate conspiracy, which the extinct 4th Estate let the ball drop on. As was with Watergate, the hue and cry has always been to follow the money, from the mysterious put options which the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated, yet didn't proceed any further with, and this is where the ALT media, and whistleblowers come in.

Property mogul, Larry Silverstein, of Silverstein Properties, leased the Twin Towers for 3.2 billion dollars literally months before the terrorist attacks, and only put down 14 million dollars of his own money, the rest of the cost being spread out amongst various other investors. Strangely Silverstein insisted upon insuring the buildings for 3.55 billion dollars, even though they were only estimated at being worth 1.2 billion dollars, so his lawyers had to split the cost amongst 25 dealers, and by September the contracts were only temporarily in place, still being in the midst of being finalized. His group were given the implicit right to rebuild the structures if they were destroyed, and even expand the retail space if rebuilding was ever needed.

Within hours of the attacks, Silverstein was on the phone trying to find out if the attacks could be construed as two separate attacks, trying to double his eventual insurance claim. Weird timing all around huh? He spent years in court trying to get 7.1 billion dollars since he saw the easy angle to garner more money from it being 2 separate attacks, and in 2007 walked away with 4.55 billion dollars in the court settlement, the largest insurance settlement up to that time.

So here was an all too strange timing in when the Twin Towers were leased, having an outrageous outcome for its main land lord in the end. Did Silverstein or his investors know of the attacks in advance? Was it a heist? As my hero, James Corbett puts it in his masterful podcast on the money trail, this was the heist you saw, but there was much more going on. Marsh & McLennan, a diversified risk insurance and professional services firm, occupied the 92nd to the 100th floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center in September of 2001, exactly the area hit by one of the planes. Richard Grove, a salesman for Silver Stream software, at the time, sold Marsh & McLennan state of the art software[trading platform], that could allow the firm to perform paperless transactions with its clients, and major business partners. No other companies at the time had looked into employing such cutting edge technology to carry out their financial transactions before then, so it was unusual in so many ways.

It wasn't long before Grove found out about severe irregularities in the billing of the account, so he contacted his employers and an executive at Marsh & McLennan, in the Spring of 2001, to find out what was going on, and was told to keep quiet about it in no uncertain terms. Grove had helped Gary Lasko, the North American chief information officer for Mash & McLennan, in Oct. of 2000, to identify 10 million dollars in suspicious purchase orders, after he recognized that certain vendors were deceiving Marsh & McLennan, selling them hardware that they didn't need.

Grove approached executives he could trust like Lasko, Kathryn Lee, Ken Rice and Richard Bruehert, who just so happened to be killed from the plane that hit their offices in the WTC, while those that told him to shut his mouth miraculously survived the attacks. The particular Marsh & McLennan executive that had wanted Grove to hush up, called the meeting for that day, attending the meeting safely by phone from his apartment. Grove was to attend the global meeting that was going on at Marsh & McLennan on 9/11, where the investigation was being discussed, but got stuck in a taxi, which was late from there being so much traffic.

There are many more anomalies that James Corbett, of "The Corbett Report," goes into, in detail, in his "9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money" podcast, which I highly recommend. These are all but a few examples of why it is imperative that Americans look into these many, and varied mysteries of 9/11, that are highly quantifiable, like Mayor Rudolph Giuliani calling off the search for 9/11 victims, so that gold from the WTC could be scavenged by police. This monumental event has become a scandal to end all scandals, since it has lead to the military being in Afghanistan and Iraq.

There is the scandal that Indira Singh uncovered during her involvement with a mysterious Saudi firm called Ptech, which had deep access to a huge number of highly sensitive Federal agencies, but the investigation by brave FBI agents was quashed, and basically mucked up by FBI brass.

We must see 9/11 as our Watergate, its needing our fullest of attention, as it has proven to be much more involved, with players who likely were on the inside of our government. They needed a new Pearl Harbor, as they called it in the PNAC[Project for a New American Century] white paper, the latter being a neoconservative think tank. They got it and pulled the wool over our eyes, and we are paying for it to this day, as are, more importantly, Muslims all over the world. A million dead Iraqis for Christ's sake! Seek out the truth on your own, keeping in mind what I've outlined here, and going to the "Corbett Report," for more. Once convinced, make waves, since it is an election year, and the candidates ought to be made to address this as soon as possible. As always its up to you.

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  1. Good article and I totally agree. It is the greatest false flag operation in history. The added bonus is the trillions that was made out of it. Counter arguments get put down as 'conspiracy theories'. I wonder who coined that phrase.