The Semi-New Hellfire Club

Frank O'Brien lashes Donald Trump, suggesting that people should think twice before backing his presidential quest. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

With new details on Donald Trump's questionable relationship with pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein coming out on the latest "Corbett Report" tidbit, it seemed like the time to revisit how utterly relevant it is to our current presidential campaign, being that the smuck, Trump, is actually getting support from a scary number of Americans.

Epstein is but the latest of a bevy of high level "Hell-Fire Club" like revelations that have amazingly never scored on the salacious scale that is the bread and butter of British and American tabloids, even though the deeper underlying questions of criminality and how disgusting they just are should be at the top of any list of questions to be posing to presidential nominees.

Now to be fair, Epstein had a number of politicians and celebrities in his little black book, and I would more than guess that his Lolita call ring was meant more for political and economic leverage than anything else, since he was from testimony, feeding his own filthy habit more than anything else. Blackmail was it seems a likely goal too, at least among the politicians that he had courting him for carnal favors. Prince Andrew is named as a known guest, with evidence pointing to his having possibly had relations with an underage girl procured by this Epstein so and so.

Bill Clinton, surprise-surprise...uh no!...was another friend, which begs the question, what does Hillary see in that goof ball. Now from the sanitized version of the original "Hellfire Club's" history, we are to believe that the girls brought up to Sir Dashwood's two HQs were all legal age, but odds are that they were getting up to behavior much like these high society types of today.

The recent revelations about former House Speaker Dennis Hastert are just as mind numbing, and speak to how, again, you have to depend upon news sources like BoilingFrogsPost, run by the lovely and intelligent Sibel Edmonds, if you are ever to find out about these scandals that otherwise get shoved under the media carpet. The revelations about Hastert bring back memories of "The Franklin Scandal" of the late 1980s, and the connection to the homosexual oriented Bohemian Grove, which presidents, news anchors and other glitterati have attended since time immemorial. Warren Buffett was one of those named in the "Franklin Scandal," along with the Bush family men, and John W. DeCamp, a Vietnam veteran, former Republican member of the Nebraska state legislature, and lawyer par excellence, represented the poor wayward youth that had been victims of these high level scum.

William Colby, the hero CIA director, who brought justice to the intelligence community, was a friend of DeCamp, and recommended that he write a book just cover his arse, since these were some ruthless and deadly types involved in the pedophilia. DeCamp wrote "The Franklin Cover-Up," and a British documentary was done called "Conspiracy of Silence," though the latter was canceled from the Discovery channel at the last minute[surprise, surprise....uh no!].

Years later, Nick Bryant, a great reporter, documented it further in his 2009 book "The Franklin Scandal," and he even all these years later ran into road blocks in researching this seminal scandal that reached right up to the White House. Gary Caradori, the private investigator for Nebraska state senator, Loren Schmit, called Schmit saying he was enroute with information that would blow the lid off the Franklin Scandal, but was not so mysteriously killed when he and his young son were flying a private plane back to Nebraska. Schmit, child investigative service personnel, and John DeCamp did their utmost best in trying to bring the perps to justice, but it pretty much came all to naught since local police were involved, and the FBI were used to intimidate witnesses.

A strange connection was with now retired Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, who was supposed to have used military aircraft to bring children to Bohemian Grove, and Aquino himself was also implicated in the famous Presidio child sex scandal of the mid to late 1980s. Aquino was an avowed Satanist, and was heavy into military psychological operations.

And certainly the American elite weren't the only ones to have rampant child sex scandals, since the British parliament of the 1980s era is being currently investigated on similar charges, stemming from revelations about the disgusting Jimmy Savile.

The Belgium royalty, police and politicians were implicated in the Mark Dutroux pedophile/serial killer case that saw a huge march by the Belgium people in protest, but came to naught in the end, as seems to happen over and over again.

Much like in the historical context of the early British Hell-Fire Club, bribery, blackmail, and espionage are involved in some of the current affairs, but when you get right down to it, it is more a bunch of oligarchs feeding their sick predilections, with the other stuff being more side issue crimes that just happen to be involved. Jeffrey Epstein got a sweet heart deal for what amounts to a monstrous collection of crimes, and those he catered to are getting away with could say, AGAIN!

Before you vote for Donald Trump, you should look more closely into his connections with Epstein, as well as Bill Clinton's connections to it all. Don't let pedophiles run your country, for they have done so for too long as it is, with it reaching back to the Reagan White House. Think about voting for an independent, or other party nominee for president, other than either the Democratic or Republican parties. Bring their sick party to an end!!!

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