The Emperor Has No Clothes

Frank O'Brien shares more of his thoughts on US foreign policy. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

Thanks to this wonderful digital age in which online television political programs have been proliferating, there are several that have come to be a beautiful challenge to the American Empire, and its hegemony through its neocolonialist, and imperialist tactics.

The US Administration has recklessly been invading, occupying and installing pro-American governments for well on 15 years now, with little success since the world has tired of its excuse of using 9/11 as the reason for its own brand of terrorism, since when you wrap yourself up in the Stars and Stripes, you think you can get away with anything.

There are and remain to be major questions surrounding the attacks of 9/11, enough to place the USA on the defensive, trumpeting its own blindly patriotic horn in its hope of trying to fool the world into thinking that its actions have all been justified. Abby Martin's "The Empire Files" on teleSur has methodically detailed the huge failings in US foreign policy, which has only wound up killing at least several million people, mainly in the Middle East, and caused the crisis of displacement for some 60 million people, which is more than we've seen since post WWII. Each of Abby's episodes document minutely the easily contested propaganda that is spun by the Madison Avenue public relations bollocks that passes for news and commentary on Big Brother television here in the home of Uncle Sam[my Troy, NY is literally the real home!].

Thanks though to Abby's show being shown on YouTube, the real truth about the war crimes of the USA has been amply shown in all its ugliness, each of Abby's episodes be either stand alone masterpieces, or taken as a whole, an entire curriculum for the young, and old, who have swallowed the poison from American television for too long. Chris Hedges' "Days of Revolt" also appears on teleSur, it being a more traditional half hour interview program highlighting key personalities from various sections of American life and history, besides several knowledgeable professors, in which Hedges pulls some powerful counter punches in combating the drivel that we are spoon fed on American television. "Days of Revolt" episodes skillfully deconstruct the palaver that is all too typical of American reporting, and corporate influenced disinformation that we are expected to eat up, when we should be vomiting it out. Each of his interviews attacks certain lies that either aren't spoken about on US television, or they masterfully show the nakedness of the Uncle Sam who wants you to think he is the guy wearing the white hat. "Watching the Hawks" on RT[Russia Today], along with several other programs, some of them, like "Redacted Tonight," also challenge the official narrative coming out of Washington, D.C., which expects you not to go looking for any truth other their own. Sean, Stone, Tyrel Ventura and Tabitha Wallace do about 3 or 4 episodes a week, giving a careful review of the garbage the spinmeisters throw at us each day, carefully dissecting the innards of the latest events being covered in both the US and Europe. Having watched them for the last 2 1/2 years, they started out years ago working on Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" on TruTV, then branching off to having their own almost full hour of news and commentary on a show called "Buzzsaw" on LipTV. "Buzzsaw" has become an interview show hosted by Sean Stone, and "Watching the Hawks" itself picks up where the old "Buzzsaw" left off, just in a half hour show now.

James Corbett of "The Corbett Report," having been on the Net since around 2007, has a multitude of shows that speak to the lies and deceits that we've been taught in school, and college, carefully giving us the unvarnished truth that helps to document the truth that we really should all know if we are to be knowledgeable citizen activists. Voluntaryism is a liberatarian philosophy which holds that all forms of human association should be voluntary, and this is also a constructive form of anarchy, which is to say that there are many forms of anarchy and libertarianism. This is the personal political view of Corbett, though he presents the information that he has in a more neutral way so that you can decide for yourself, and not be beholden to his particular view point. His various shows are all archived, and free for downloading and redistribution without fear of copyright infringement.

Corbett's programs are the best since he has had a phenomenal output since 2007, and has covered a multitude of issues and subjects in all of the programs, basically helping to deprogram, and re-indoctrinate the otherwise clueless majority. Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell's "News and Views from the Nefarium" is a weekly 15 minute[or so] breakdown of the latest developments in the geopolitical world, besides sometimes covering esoteric subjects like Sean Stone on "Buzzsaw."

I swear by all of these programs since they do such a good job in opening up the eyes of those who are patient enough to expand beyond sound bites and other Attention Deficit Disorder oriented material that has become unfortunately the norm. The biggest point to all of these programs is that the emperor of the American empire is actually naked even though he wraps himself up in the folds of Old Glory, pretending to be a patriot when in fact he is but a minion of the power brokers on Wall Street. You won't get anything different from any of the two big parties who have controlled American politics for over a hundred years, unless you of course start researching the presidential candidates that are running for the Oval Office, but who get no coverage or attention, or even a mention on American television and news.

If you are a Libertarian or Independent, you need to watch at least some of these shows above, especially the "Corbett Report" and those on teleSur, for they provide well researched material that doesn't ever get a mention on regular television. It is vital for a vigilant citizen to do their own research, and with applications like iVideo, you can download episodes of these shows from YouTube, or even the websites mentioned like the "Corbett Report." There are other websites like Tragedy and Hope, and BoilingFrogsPost that have gotten honorable mentions too on these various shows, there also being some alternative news sources outside America like Aljazeera, PressTV, Russia Today[RT] and Deutsche Welle. It is startling to me to have found out just recently that a million innocent Iraqis have died from the barbaric invasion, and occupation of Iraq, which only wound up seriously destabilizing the Middle East, much like what happened in Libya, and now Syria. It turns out from various facts that America was deliberately planning to topple and replace a slew of Middle Eastern governments, but it has gotten out of control, leaving Uncle Sam as an impotent giant.

The mere killing of civilians in the millions has guaranteed that more young Muslim men will adopt Salafist and Wahhabist philosophies, which by the way are taught almost exclusively in Saudi Arabia, which has been encouraged for decades by Uncle Sam, in the hopes of continuing to have the much used "strategy of tension." Daesh/ISIS/ISIL were originally trained by Uncle Sam in Jordan, supplied with arms and munitions, in the hope of toppling the al-Assad regime in Syria. As with the CIA's Al Qaeda, both were deliberate creations of the USA, meant to be the excuse for American military intervention, and having the perpetual War on Terror. Both the US and NATO also have a state sponsored terrorist program called Gladio B, which has been implemented throughout the whole War on Terror, pulling off false flag attacks, like the biological weapons attack in Syria in 2013.

Fortunately public opinion is fickle at best when it comes to supporting more interventions, and or occupations of other countries. The public hasn't always been so easily manipulated, only being drawn in after "spectaculars" like 9/11, or fudged intelligence which was what got us into Iraq. Just like in Latin America, Uncle Sam has trained death squads for the Sunni Iraq government, which has targeted mainly innocent Shiite civilians, the difference being that these are sectarian death squads, as opposed to the non-religious death squads in Latin America. We haven't heard about these abominable and inhuman activities of America on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News, but instead have had to glean the truth from news coverage on foreign news services, and alternative news and commentary programs.

This goes for all of the hypocritical behavior that has lead us down a path which ultimately could lead to our own self destruction. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and now Barack Obama, have committed some of the most heinous war crimes imaginable, and yet haven't been officially brought before any court, yet young black and Latino men are constantly being sent to prison for what are arguably victim-less crimes. Tell me, how is it that we, the American people, can put up with these war criminals, and even show an interest in the coming farce known as presidential elections? Because not enough people know the facts, or even bother to care if they do find out. When the last two presidents committed genocide in Iraq, trained death squads, helped smuggle and guard opium meant for America, and even assassinated American citizens with drones, they opened the door to legitimizing the militias that have formed to fight and guard against the much talked about New World Order.

We live now in what amounts to be a well decorated police state, that has the veneer of democracy, but which is nothing better than a tin pot dictatorship, or plutocracy. For those million plus dead Iraqis, for the 60 million refugees, and for our founding fathers, we must resist, by whatever means is necessary, as my dear old Malcolm X was quoted as saying. When facing such a totality of evil, where the Axis of Evil has actually been the US and its NATO allies, one must not adhere to a pacifist policy of resistance, but instead wage a guerrilla war, where hard targets are methodically taken out. Restoring our national pride, and making up for the litany of war crimes committed in our name, demands a physical force response, where until we can trust our courts, and law enforcement again, we must act ourselves, like the original Minute Men, to free our country of the elite cabal that has hijacked vis-a-vis the totally false flag of 9/11.

Like in still occupied Northern Ireland, we have here an Anglo-Saxon moneyed elite who think that they will never have to answer for their grievous sins, yet I believe in the American people still, and the American dream. I myself have seen it all, having been in essence from the upper middle class until recently, then having lived in the more dangerous environs of Albany, NY, then homeless in Troy, and being near destitute from being on such a meager stipend from my disabilities. My heart and my mind are totally with the poor, homeless and other disenfranchised folk who make up about half of the country now. This was how I was radicalized, besides my finding out about all of the horrific crimes perpetrated by my government, and here I at first believed the official 9/11 narrative when it first happened. I've been always a leader, not a follower, and I understand why there are still so many who don't know diddly, and are more like sheep or lemmings.

My job is to help wake up the still asleep, getting them to organize, and to form associations with others who have awakened to the nightmare which is America today. Not everything out here can be trusted for its veracity, so it is also my job to critique those ALT outlets that do put out an anti-Establishment message, besides getting those on the Left and Right to set aside their differences, and finding enough common ground so that they can work together. To quote from one of my favorite television series, a spinoff of the X-Files, called Millennium, "We are headed towards an apocalypse of our own creation." There has been a rift between Pakistan and the US, along with a so-called new Cold War with Russia, and China and Iran. There has been much talk of the coming of a third world war, between the Powers That Shouldn't Be in the West, and the much wiser, though not perfect nations of the East. America's State Dept. and George Soros's NGO[Non-Governmental Organization] were behind a coup d'etat in Kiev, in the Ukraine, which helped kick start the current new Cold War between us and Russia. Russia because of this, besides having strategic interests themselves in the conflict, crashed the Syrian conflict party that the USA created, so now we are at a stalemate so to say. The Russians have more reasons not to trust us, then we ever could say in return in any legitimate way.

What we have is the perfect storm waiting to happen, especially that now Saudi Arabia and Iran are at each others' necks over a stupid execution[read beheading!], while our leaders continue to play geopolitical games that can get us into an intractable and deadly world war. All the more reason that real democracy needs to be fought for once more in the land of the formerly free, not to be ignored as it is still now. If you don't wake up in a hurry soon, we will wake up one day soon to see ourselves at war with Russia, China and Iran, that could easily escalate to nuclear war, even if limited.

Our trigger happy war mongers that are steering our ship will get us all sunk to the bottom of the dust bin of history, unless we pull the trigger on them first. It should first take the form of occupations, civil disobedience and other pacifist oriented political activity, and if met with violence, and if enough of the public opinion turns sour on the government, physical force would be the other option. Better it would be for us to clean up our own mess since we literally let it happen without questioning more the inhuman policies of the fascist dictatorship that runs things now.

I know you know that this is not so much horse hockey, since I trust you have all been aware of how bad things have been getting. That which defines us is our indomitable spirit, our care and concern for the under dog, and our desire for real law and order, which you can't expect from this current government. Please at least look into some of what I've spoken of here, asking yourself if this is an acceptable state of affairs, or if we are needing a long overdue house cleaning. As always, it is up to you.

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