Mind Control, Social Engineering & You

Frank O'Brien discusses what he believes are psychological strategies the US government is using to control its citizenry. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

There had been a lot of talk about Barack Obama having used neuro-linguistic programming techniques, queues and other sneaky psychological approaches to influence his audience, even through television air waves, and through the Internet.

It turns out that there actually is a reality to this, since research has advanced a quantum leap in controlling human behavior. Now instead of drugs, cruder behavioral control procedures, like electric shock, sleep deprivation, and torture, electro-magnetic waves can be used instead to modulate human behavior, through directing there to be a field in which all of us exist.

Through GWEN or Ground Wave Emergency Network radio towers, the electromagnetic spectrum can be altered in ways to target specific individuals, or entire populations of people. What has trumped these creepy and disturbing forces waged against us, is the indomitable human spirit which cannot be defeated no matter how many things are thrown at it.

Depending upon your Intelligence Quotient or IQ, you are more vulnerable and open to these directed energy devices, or if of a significantly high IQ, you can resist these fluctuations of waves technology since your identity is far more in-bedded than the average person's. Arrays like HAARP or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska were an attempt to research these types of technology, besides it's effect on weather behavior, right up to causing earthquakes and tsunamis. Basically thanks to the likes of the National Security Act of 1947, and other legislation since, courts have masked activities that constitute national security, these being many highly questionable experiments and out right violations of human rights that have been perpetuated on the American people, along with populations of other countries. Those that have leaked out that were done on individuals have opened up the secrets of how our government still is active in trying to find out ways of controlling us. ELF or Extremely Low Frequency waves can, and are used to sedate populations, and also manipulate them during times of elections, and orchestrating of reactions to things like mass shootings, and false flag terrorism.

After 9/11 it is pretty obvious that a lot of people had a degree of post-traumatic stress disorder, which could be taken advantage of by politicians and their corporate and billionaire masters. Like the Hegelian Dialectic commands, from out of chaos comes order, or at least that is what the oligarchy wants there to be. Through their military developed non-lethal weapons and weapons systems they can alter the reaction there will be from public opinion simply through modulating the level of ELF waves in given areas of populations, coupled with the news and opinion programs that are broadcast on the corporate controlled mainstream media. As a rule, no one broadcast personality has seriously questioned the official narrative of the 9/11 attacks, which is absolutely astonishing to the extreme.

I'll admit that I was controlled for years, not seeing the forest from the trees, and blindly accepted what I thought were facts from reliable sources. Some spiritual awakening began during the years immediately after 9/11 for me, where my research turned into areas that I hadn't ever turned an eye to. I had only heard of things like mind control and false flag attacks in passing over the decades, but never really gave them much attention. It was only from the gravity of the entirety of all my research, which took turns into and down rabbit holes, still connected all together when looked at from a distance, seeing the whole picture.

There has been a consistent pattern when I've looked at the entire amount and varieties of research that the turns have taken me to, basically pointing at a shadow or deep state within the government and national security establishment. It has proven to be a sinister and amoral bunch who've been willing to experiment, torture and kill innocents no matter what the cost, all in the hope of acquiring technologies that enable control of the masses.

During the various official military operations, from the Gulf War to the 2003 Iraq invasion and occupation, these new and untested technologies were used on the target populations in Iraq and elsewhere, since they weren't ever expected to be reported on in the press. Through leaks, video evidence and testimony it has been proven that pyschotronic weapons systems and Star Wars type technology has been used on the opponent armies and civilian populations of Iraq and in other countries, though remember that it is also done insidiously on us here in the US of A.

One of the biggest things going right now are directed energy weapons, drawing on the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla, and these systems can be spread out, by the widening of the emission of whatever the weapon system is, besides depending upon the type of either laser or electromagnetic wave system. Some are devices that can fit right in the pocket of an individual, since the government's research is about 30 years ahead of the commercial market. DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is the organization tasked mainly with developing these advanced technologies for the government.

The more subtle technology of the mind manipulation is already perfected through subliminal techniques of language and images, seen on our regular television channels, and likely also through radio transmissions. An already fragile mind, one say with also ADD Attention Deficit Disorder, can be easily manipulated into believing a plethora of different things, since the individuals likely still trust the legitimacy and reliability of the networks they watch. One must learn to question, and develop their critical thinking since these are the only ways of overcoming the bunkum that passes for news on our national media outlets. You are in essence being taken advantage of by the big 3 networks and major cable news channels, since their content is strictly dictated by the corporations that run them, and there is of course extreme bias and spin doctoring going on, much like Madison Avenue does to the public in its advertising and Public Relations industry.

All depends upon the individual mental makeup which can be from extremely susceptible to being extraordinarily difficult to penetrate. Even some like myself remain cognitively intact as long as drugs and alcohol aren't introduced into the body. The deep state which is talked about by the various academics who are legit researchers and purveyors of sound judgment, talk about the amoral nature of the national security apparatus, and the players within it. Their conclusion is that your real enemy is here right at home in the United States, and not a half a world away in some dingy cave in Afghanistan.

The fact that there is well documented evidence of there having been social engineering, mind control and psychological operations done right here in America points to an amoral bunch in government, directed by the real oligarchy in our plutocracy.of pandemonium. Resistance isn't futile I've found even when I go through the daily tortures that my particular gastric illness puts me through. I still breakthrough the bothersome and panic like symptoms to be able to do research, and write that which springs from my mind.

You can too, just as long as you leave open your mind, have patience to watch and swallow several hours of educational television or video presentations, and question carefully and demandingly the stuff being presented to you. The more you learn, the more you realize what you weren't taught in school and college, which amounts to a lot of material that can take up a library of knowledge. Transhumanism is the idea of taking human development to the next level of evolution, by means of sophisticated technologies that enhance the human condition.

It unfortunately is tied to the old and disproven theory of Eugenics, which says that certain people are naturally superior to the rest of the masses, and therefore they should be in charge of the rest of us plebes. Global Warming is a discredited notion since through highly developed technologies we can now geoengineer the weather and cause there to be a definite change in where the planet is going. All of this is very real and reported on regularly in the mainstream media, and impacts how the rest of us out here are seen and treated by the government goons.

Your only out is to start listening to and watching the ALT media on YouTube and on the live streaming done from various alternative websites. CHEMTRAILS are part of the geoengineering that is going on, besides the use of scalar physics to manipulate the heavy metals being sprayed into our skies. These help make the earth a giant transducer in which radio waves can be more easily used to sedate or upset a target population.

Your only way of escaping is to find like minded people, and regularly talking with them, besides doing your own research into these advanced technologies. The more you are aware, the better you are defended against the subtle efforts that are done to mess with your mind, molding it into being in a certain desired state. Learn, tuning out the mass media, turning instead to the alternative media and news that has taken up residence on the Internet. Do this and you will develop the armor needed to resist the coming New World Order.


  1. This is a first. Irish American criticises the American military . Noraid won't be pleased.

  2. Thanks again Frank, you are a very brave man, a man of courage, to put that article into the public domain. If you haven't already then you should check Dean Henderson's blog, 'Left Hook', which deals with the agenda of those in the deep state you talk about