Fermanagh Societies Launch One Ireland One Vote In Kinawley

The 1916 Societies with reports of the OIOV campaign in Fermanagh.

On Thursday 25th February in Kinawley Community Centre, with an evening of Ballads, traditional music and Republican debate, Sean MacDiarmada Society Fermanagh officially launched their One Ireland One Vote campaign for an all-Ireland referendum on Irish Unity.

Independent Republican Councillor Bernice Swift chaired proceedings, which were opened with a reading of the Proclamation by Eamon McPhillips from Newtownbutler. Bernard Swift then sung a song he penned in tribute to 1916 leader and signatory of the Proclamation Sean MacDiarmada from Kiltyclogher, Co. Leitrim. Guest speaker for the night was the famous ballad singer and songwriter Derek Warfield from The Young Wolfe Tones, who started off by singing some lively Irish Rebel songs, each one telling a story of the long struggle for Irish freedom and independence which has yet to be achieved.

Derek Warfield described One Ireland One Vote as the most exciting and realistic campaign for Irish Independence in a generation, appealing that everyone get behind and support it. He told of how ‘every constitutional nationalist politician in Ireland had been humiliated by Britain, who have denied Ireland their own parliament since 1803 and continue to do so to this day, denying the Irish people their democratic right to full freedom and Independence. That is why I support the One Ireland One Vote campaign, a campaign for Irish democracy free from Britain’s interference.’

Kevin Martin, National Treasurer of the 1916 Societies, then provided a presentation on the Societies and campaign before taking questions from the audience. He stated:

the 1916 Societies are an Irish Republican organisation committed to achieving our freedom and independence as declared in Easter 1916, voted for in 1918 and established in January 1919. There is no political party in Ireland with any strategy or desire for a United Ireland and that’s why the One Ireland One Vote campaign is gaining support, as a peaceful and democratic way to achieve a United Ireland.

He continued:

on Friday 26th February, during the 26-county election, the 1916 Societies held a series mock referenda at various polling stations, including Dublin, Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Westmeath, Kildare and Cork, with over 90 percent of those taking part voting in favour of a United Ireland. This sample poll exposes the myth about where the people of Ireland stand on Irish Unity, but the reality is no political party has the courage to stand up to Britain or its allies, instead they have capitulated and now in turn uphold the institutions of British rule in our country.

Kevin concluded:

the 1916 Societies are presently knocking doors across the country, asking people to sign the petition for an all-Ireland referendum on Irish Unity. We are very happy with the response and feedback thus far. This year marks the centenary of the 1916 Rising and for those interested in Irish Freedom and Independence this is the campaign be be involved in. I encourage everyone to take a look at our website and Facebook for further information on the campaign or to contact us. We will be in your area in the near future.

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  1. Apologies if I've missed it on TPQ (been busy elsewhere), but I assume real Republicans would want Ireland out of the EU, for similar reasons?