Britain's Sordid Little Statelet

David McSweeney with an unpublished letter to the Sunday Business Post in early August 2015.

The recent British budget announced by the Conservative and Unionist Party  saw huge cuts to Disability payments while reducing tax rates for the wealthiest. The points made below remain as relevant as ever. Edward Carson would be truly proud of his later day soul mates. 

Last Sunday Jim Fitzpatrick outlines the position of Theresa Villiers in relation to the Tory cuts in the six counties as a position where the Tories are unable 'to give the North more money for welfare than it is due'.

Fitzpatrick's article continues with his very accepting outline of the British State's unwillingness to provide even basic standards of social care by stating that needed funding 'would be unfair to other parts of the UK implementing the cuts, and is a point of principle, a message she (Villiers) was keen to take to the States.'

The British state has no qualms in treating the six counties as a sidekick to their 'united' kingdom when it suits.

It suited when it, in a shameless move excluded the investigation of sexual abuse of children in the north of Ireland from the UK governments national enquiry into child abuse in residential settings.

It didn't have any embarrassment using heavily armed members of the British military to raid homes in Lurgan and Derry last week, not something any citizen in Britain can expect to be subjected to.

British Secretary of State Theresa May, speaking at a meeting in Brixton, London in late July stated 'our police have never and will never routinely carry guns or hide behind military style equipment'. May explained her denial of requests from London authorities to be able to use water cannons in the future by saying 'I am acutely conscious of the potential impact water cannon can have on perceptions of police legitimacy and the very principle of policing by consent'.

Interesting that water cannon and plastic bullets can be used at will by the paramilitary RUC/PSNI in the six counties.

Internal exiles, release from internment on the precondition of political silence and criminal charges for quoting a revered historical political figure are all hallmarks of Britain's sordid little statelet in Ireland today.

Principle never was and never will be relevant to Britain's interference in Ireland.

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