Boston College And The ‘Spotlight’ Movie On Catholic Church Pedophiles

The Broken Elbow takes a glance at the movie that reveals something sordid at the heart of Boston College

As you probably know by now, ‘Spotlight‘ has won this year’s Oscar for best movie.

The film portrays the Boston Globe’s investigation into the Catholic church’s cover up of the sexual abuse of young people by Catholic priests in Boston dating back many years and was regarded as a hot favourite for the prize.

The expose won the Globe a Pulitzer prize, led to the downfall of Cardinal Bernard Law (although his punishment, exile to the Patriarchal Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome, hardly fit the crime), impoverished the church in Boston and led to a worldwide avalanche of similar exposés.

Before the Oscar ceremonies in Hollywood, the public radio programme, ‘The Frame’, interviewed the movie’s director Tom McCarthy about the resistance from church bodies in Boston that he encountered while filming.

The following extract (at bottom of page)will be of interest to those familiar with Boston College and its role in the Troubles archive that it handed over to the PSNI:

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