Better Off Without Government Or Vodka

Thomas Dixie Elliot with a wry look at how people in the South of the country are managing without government. Dixie Elliot is a former H-Block blanket protestor.

The people in the South of Ireland, having experienced three whole days without a government, are beginning to demand that politicians stay out of politics altogether.

Bridie May Donaghy from Tallaght when asked her opinion on the subject, replied that she hadn't seen a drop of rain since Thursday last and was able to dry all her clothes on the line. "Sure it saves on the oil heating if you don't have to put your knickers and the man's underpants on the ole radiators to dry out."

Her friend, Florry Byrne, who gave her address as; 'across the street there' agreed. "Sure my husband Micky worked all his life till thirty years ago and never claimed a penny off the dole till he died two days later."

When pressed as to what this had to do with there not being a government in Leinster House both women agreed that politics should be a thing of the past. "Charlie Haughey has done nothing for this country," said Florry Byrne. "And look at where he is today."

When Florry Byrne was informed that Charlie Haughey had died ten years ago, Bridie May said to her friend; "Didn't I tell you that Florry, thon night in the lounge bar? Charlie Haughey is dead said I."

"Was I on the vodka that night?" Asked Florry Byrne. "The ole vodka makes you forget these things, sure hadn't I forgotten about my Micky dying and didn't I only remember when the undertaker came to the door?"

So the opinion on the street is that most people aren't aware there is no government and they believe that, like vodka, they are better off without it.

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