Trumped Or How Ignorant We've Become

Frank O'Brien looks at the Trump effect. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

If people don't want to know why voting for Trump is such a bad thing, then they can't be reached through normal means. It is like talking to a dork who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the wall. If the best that we can do is dredge up old, long dead issues, then we are headed back to the bad old days.

Working at something without retirement makes anything like that a bad thing, for how are you supposedly going to survive in old age? Getting paid up front for a good day’s work, along with getting a good union that looks out for its people in so many ways, makes the job worth a thousand or one jobs. The model should be uniformly passed along so that all jobs could be the bright beacons of hope off the shore, making the old state jobs allowance to benefit any number of new hopefuls. "Out sourcing" could be demolished even though you had been making a good share off of the gold laying goose, yet not one respecting the God given rights to the proletariat.

The proletariat is the or is supposed to be the final arbiter of things going on in the slush driven money supply, mainly lining the pockets of a top few families, where money laundering is a usually way of business. Major companies get caught each year, only paying heavy fines in order to go on spinning their pyramid schemes. The enslavement to the system that has happened in slow motion, in incremental amounts, is now almost total with denial being the thing that most hides it the most in plain sight. He who wins gets to write the history or narrative, and taxes as it so sees it to be needed. The ones with the money rarely if ever go to jail, unless there is a falling out amongst the ruling elite.

Any fissure we can use to pry apart this behemoth is a dainty disaster waiting to be used against the monster, Ever since the misrule by the Federal Reserve became law, we didn't have to pay a Federal income tax, nor file a tax return. It all goes to a private cabal of banks, over seen by a bunch of bankster supporters, much like crony capitalism. Depending on who was in the control seat meant as to how bad it might get, or whether it would be a benevolent era instead.

When an investigator comes across an illegal conspiracy he should attack it like a pit bull, instead of fleeing the scene before documenting evidence. If someone doesn't like you, you could get audited or worse, even charged over some imagined tax crime that doesn't exist since they aren't even supposed to take as much as they're doing right now.

The tax cheats themselves are at the top of the food chain, dictating taxes to us the little people. We the people say that our Constitution and Bill of Rights stands above any imaginary tax scheme, demanding our rights and access to our much taxed over-burdened rear ends. The very worst, a kakistocracy has hold of the helm, needing to be taken down from having it all too long. Boycotting, going on an extended strike, and bending the rules in our favor is now the time, resisting a martial law if it is declared in order to re-establish draconian set of laws that the bankers want.

The psychos in charge need to be taken down a notch so that the average person gets to study what would work well for them.

The rise of militant Sunni Islam has increased as has militant and mad economic and foreign polices of Uncle Sam, which themselves drive a meat grinder of foreign fighters who loath the West's bombing, torturing and shooting of innocent people who then become radicalized.

Donald Trump is a symbolization of all the ignorant feelings which really ought to be directed at the bankers who establish social engineering to entrap our minds and hearts. We should remember the total brain washing that we undergo when reading or watching their drivel. Trump is the epitome of the Establishment figure who got to be a billionaire, yet wants us to believe that he still is one of us, trying to remake America back into a winner. Nothing could be further from the truth, when Trump spouts hate speech attacking the handicapped who are more down trodden than he'll ever be. Trump is a class clown writ large, who carries on with his outrageous behavior since some of it hits home to some white supremacist latencies in your average white employee.

What about some other more able bodied folks who just didn't include the race dividing, ultra-right wing rhetoric that flavors his campaign stump speeches. The white supremacist inside Trump is something deep inside all of us if he gets a reaction, an actually positive one, out of all this vitriol rhetoric.

We have the oppressor calling the shots when it should be us the people calling the shots since we're paid for everything for decades. They have job security from our job insecurity, not knowing when and if our job will be "outsourced" to some third world country, or eliminated from the books for all time. We work hard enough, some of us holding down two or three jobs just to make ends meet, so we shouldn't have to put up with presidential candidates that are famous enough for the words, "You're fired!"

How about reversing the positions, in our firing them, meaning every last one of them, rather than facing the same ourselves. All jobs should be unionized, with it being really difficult to fire someone just because they represent the workers' rights. Like in the Dennis Hastert's case where there are charges of foreign country political donations, besides paedophile activities going on in the background, you need to know who is really been representing you and why these charges went unchallenged or not even brought to a court of law.

This kakistocracy is what rules over all of us, when we should be taking back our control from these psychopaths in a quiet sort of revolution, bringing their whole system to its knees in one overnight industrial action.

The Federal Reserve is one of the first and foremost problems put up in our way of total democracy, where we call the economic shots and not a secret cabal of bankers. Please call for a wider field of representatives who can actually do the job, like one of these political radio show hosts. How much better would it be to have a Rush Limbaugh in charge, instead of a Donald Trump, who gets himself excited over his every utterance.

Limbaugh better represents the conservative party line, and who gets straight A's for his political speech par excellence. Limbaugh is politically incorrect too, but in his own particular way. Ralph Nader and Jesse Ventura are other talk show hosts, and public interest figures who could even better take on the corporate leaning goof balls. Ventura especially since he is all for a real 9/11 investigation that doesn't have 28 pages classified that the public can't see. Not having any better than the Donald Trumps of the world, we are in very sorry state of things right now. Someone let the cat out of the bag, letting it control its way crawling to the top, by way of hate speech and dividing and conquering us. Who should be at the top is someone from the working class who's had to scrape by for these last 25 years, literally having to remake themselves in order to survive.

We can either stand by or become virtually involved by blogging or backing a certain candidate who might not even be running. If called on perhaps some really qualified candidates might come forward, sending Trump and Co. on their way instead of lauding them. We are almost headed down a fascist line of government like has happened in Russia, where Vladimir Putin calls the shots, however ridiculous it might be. Some have even called for Howard Stern to run for office even though he is a cult of personality, not the kind of material meant for high office.

When what we have is bad enough, people should be looking for a stray of good genes that includes everyone, not just a select few who rule all over the rest of us. I was lucky enough to get to see the Soviet Union type of government before it dissolved, and it wasn't as bad as some would say of it, unless you were a real thorn in their side.

Like with unfortunately the cult of personality around certain presidents, like Bill Clinton, you get an expectation for something really big and aggrandizing, With the idiot son, George W. Bush, you get a plethora of goofs, who still don't understand that it is the banks that are behind every sin that comes out of the Beltway, Banks and intelligence agencies have been cozily fascist for near a hundred years, with Wall Street calling a lot of the coup d'etats, and access to raw materials like gasoline and opium. The too cozy 'conflict or interest' relationship is long overdue in being gotten rid of. You come to see everything as a psyop or disinformation campaign so they win in the way that trust has been eroded between John Q. Public and the government. Trump has tapped into that dissatisfaction vein of political blood that has normally little voice from its more ridiculous sound offs.

My recommendation is to quiet down the racist elements, aligning only with those who are on the ballot. That includes independents, constitutionalists and anti-new world order forces. The Malthusian and Machiavellian forces behind the all the hidden Eugenicist agenda are truly to be feared in how they view excess people. The Trumps of the world hit at us square in our racist eyes, pulling at our cold heart strings rather than dominating nothing at all. Again it is our greatness that saves the day, though hundreds of thousands hate us now that didn't before.

What we need is a typical work line guy with experience in the corporate pits of survival, who backs up what he says in his fight for political survival. They should be humble yet brave enough to speak out where it is called for. In summation we should have mandatory sensitivity classes for all office holders above a certain level, the oval office being one.

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