Statement From Save Moore Street 2016 Campaign

 The 1916 Societies proclaim:

 Save Moore Street Citizen’s Injunction has another victory.

The Save Moore Street campaign welcomes the removal of all building tools and equipment from the historic Moore Street battle site on day seven of the Citizens Injunction and the peaceful blockade preventing all building works on site.

January 2016 saw a spontaneous occupation of concerned citizens of the Moore Street site due to suspicious demolition work being carried out on the site. The occupying citizens voluntarily left the site in good faith to let legal and political process develop.

Since leaving the site the Save Moore Street campaign has been calling on Minister Heather Humphries to communicate exactly the nature of the work taking place on the site and for a restoration expert to report back on the site. These demands have not been met or even acknowledged by the minister.

Seven days ago the campaign served a citizens injunction and began a peaceful blockade on the Moore Street site to stop all demolition work. This morning at 8am all building tools and equipment were removed by Lissadell construction.

The campaign hails this as a victory for the campaign and the saving of the Moore Street area as a whole. The direct action taken by ordinary citizens protecting their heritage is succeeding. People Power is putting the issue of Moore Streets future and Irelands heritage on the political map.

Save Moore Street 2016 will step up its actions and campaign of people power which is causing an obvious embarrassment for the state and Lissadell construction. Now is not the time for complacency, Minister Humphries continued silence on the issue causes frustration and an air of mistrust surrounding the states plans for Moore Street.

The campaign vows to continue the blockade and to ensure Moore Street is on the agenda of the next government. We call on all concerned citizens to join our blockade and save our heritage in the Centenary Year of the Rising.

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