Infidel Indolence

Frank O'Brien with more thoughts on US politics. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

The late Gen.Hamid Gul was kind in describing Americans as being so innocent that it bordered on the gullible in the way they believe whatever is spoon fed to them by corporate mainstream media.

But I have to be more harsh when referring to this kind of idiocy, but I can report to those in other countries here, that the latest statistics and studies have shown that Americans are increasingly going for their news to the large ALT news media available on the Net. 

Opinions of our government have been souring with an increasing rate, yet not getting reported on in the mainstream news, which isn't surprising given that CNN, MSNBC and Fox News lie on a regular basis in the most bold-faced way. If more Americans begin to find out about the euphemistically termed "collateral damage," on top of the "targeted killings" by drones that lead to these needless deaths and injuries, maybe they might better understand how the US is perceived now as the aggressor and terrorist amongst the populations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya. 

As loyal as I am to my US armed forces, being a close brother and friend to a great fellow who is younger than me, and in the Army, I am upset at the top military brass for executive decisions that they make that puts their soldiers in a bad light amongst the populations of the countries they are serving in right now. In fact it is the totality of the many kinds of military actions that there have been, and soldiers have been involved in, that many, many times piss off the native peoples that are living around them, in countries like, take for instance, Afghanistan. In both Afghanistan, where US troops have been since late 2001, and in neighboring Pakistan, the top US military brass, CIA operatives and US State Department diplomats have coerced, threatened, bullied and intimidated the governments, intelligence agencies and police into doing their imperialist, and neocolonialist will, without thinking of the consequences of this kind of outrageous arrogance. 

Add to this the economic exploitation that comes from the IMF[International Monetary Fund], who loan, for instance, Pakistan, large amounts of money, and then charge them exorbitant interest on these loans, basically acting like some Mafia shyster. Greece in this past year learned their lesson in trusting in the good will of the IMF and World Bank, but it is even much more difficult on the farmers and other citizens of Pakistan, since they sometimes barely are able to get by economically, much like the "working poor" in the United States. In essence these Western financial institutions are out to exploit, and in a way, rule over these regular, average people in Pakistan. 

It is a capitalist/imperialist form of warfare meant to not only take advantage of their dire needs, but then to strong arm them into doing the bidding of these literal economic vampires. Many countries are targeted for their natural resources, the Western governments helping companies to exploit these resources that are not really rightfully theirs to exploit. These natural resources, like oil, are rightfully, and only in reality, the property of the people of the countries they are in, but the West doesn't care, running roughshod over the sovereignty of the native populations. 

America is part of this power bloc that deems it their right to not only gain access to other countries natural resources, but to also own them, which obviously isn't their right. All one need do is read the strictures of the new Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP, to understand how little these companies, and conglomerates don't give a damn about their workers, or the populations in the countries that they are leaching off of. Just like the top brass of the US forces, CIA and US State Department do, these companies, and conglomerates use intimidation, coercion and even trickery to gain what they want or desire out of a given country. It is hegemony pure and simple, which is by any definition neocolonialist, imperialist and greed of the most sickening kind. 

With the US military having invaded, occupied and set up pro-American regimes now for 15 years, it has developed the reputation of being worse than even the most extremist Islamic groups like Daesh/ISIS/ISIL or Al Qaeda. There is ample evidence, and testimony of the CIA, US black ops groups and private US security companies[like Blackwater] benefiting from the trafficking of opium grown in Afghanistan, some of which goes into top secret and extralegal slush funds, which are off the books, and likely in the billions of dollars. 

This overreaching of authority or legitimacy only goes to piss off the local populations, and their leaders, both political and religious. This went on during the Vietnam War, in what is called the Golden Crescent, when drugs were secreted back into America in the caskets of dead soldiers, with the full knowledge of certain military and political people. It went on during the 1980s when the Iran-Contra Affair was in full swing, with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush having been complicit in it, like the Mena, Arkansas connection, besides their being cocaine addicts back then. Sen. John Kerry chaired an investigation into it, finding it to be true, but not surprisingly, no action was ever taken against these future Presidents. 

The same goes on now with the US government's involvement with the Mexican drug cartels, even though they've been espousing their supposed hatred of the drug trade, and pouring billions into arresting regular people for crimes, which they themselves are guilty of in spades. Is it no wonder then that the USA has been called the "Great Satan" by both Middle Eastern and Near Eastern people? You add all of this corruption, two-facedness, hypocritical and downright criminal stuff together, and what you have is the perfect storm for creating enemies, and terrorist extremists. The extra-judicial killings, economic exploitation and forced subservience only exacerbates an already strained relationship to the breaking point, and one more wrong step in the wrong direction could spell disaster, like a world war that former ISI Gen. Hamid Gul warned the West about before he passed away in 2015. 

The gullible American people must take responsibility for some of this, since they haven't so far made any efforts to overthrow their criminal deep state government, but instead throw their support behind a billionaire moron and bigot like Donald Trump. Yes Bernie Sanders has some potential, but he is also been all too cozy with the US arms industry, even though he is a so-called Left leaning social democrat. If Thomas Jefferson was alive today, he'd be definitely involved with efforts to start a new revolution against the elitists that now run the show in America. He'd be appalled at the actions of the military brass, the corrupt politicians and billionaire banksters on Wall Street, and would no doubt call for their immediate overthrow, besides prosecuting them for war crimes and war profiteering. 

So to finish up here, it is in the best interest of both the American people, and countries that have greatly suffered under the vicious thumb of the current American deep state, if and once these bastards are overthrown, prosecuted and sent off to prison for life.

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  1. The signs are becoming apparent of a social and economic implosion within the US. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India&China) is a serious threat to US hegemony and the writing is on the wall as these countries start moving away from conducting their international business in US Dollars.

    One report I read last year hinted at overtures made to Assad (around 6 years ago) to conduct his Oil dealings in USD, he resisted and made moves to align with Russia and hence BRIC. This apparently sent Washington berzerk and they tasked Langley with the overthrow via the manufactured 'Arab Spring'.

    Within their own borders they have a very shameful episode unfolding in Flint, Michigan and the malignant inertia to rectify the supply of basic drinking water to peoples homes.

    And this within a supposedly 'First World' country! The last remaining superpower no less!

    But as the author points out, the masses are drip fed nothing but propaganda dressed as news and sprinkled with over the top patriotism, via the Big Business owned media outlets like Fox.

    The obscenely wealthy will piss on the poor and tell them it's a passing shower, that the sunshine is just around the corner and they are the only ones who can make it shine.

    Trump himself as some very serious questions to answer relating to links with the Mafia. Clinton is a stool pigeon for corporate America and Sanders says the right things to get the youth interested but the powers that be will never allow him into the White House.

    Voting in the US is an illusion, we only need to look at Florida when 'Dubya' was 'elected' (I use the term loosely). His brother Jeb-he who recently begged people to clap him-,made it so that large sections of the black and Hispanic communities votes were not counted as they would not have voted for Bush. Apparently it helps when Daddy was head of the CIA for years.

    The people couldn't swallow another Bush, but the men in power are hedging their bets on Clinton as she is more amenable....that being she is open to blackmail due to deleting those pesky emails off that server. Nothing vanishes forever on the internet.

    My money is that it has already been decided that Clinton is to be 'The First Woman President' and the vote is window dressing. Corporate Government continues unabated, the rich eat will the poor don't have clean water. The perpetual war required for the US economy starts more conflict in hydrocarbon rich but people poor countries probably in Africa, perhaps the Niger Delta. It shall be dressed up as a humanitarian effort but it will be just more of the same.

    As someone far more learned than me said " The problem in the US is that the poor believe they are temporarily embarrassed millionaires and their slice of the 'American Dream' is just around the corner"

    It does not help when the media is complicit in pushing this obvious lie either.