Harassment Of Families Continue In Maghaberry Jail

Via the IRPWA a statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 11/02/16

Statement from Republican Prisoners Roe 4 Maghaberry 11/02/16
Imprisoned In Maghaberry

In October 2015 Republican Prisoners highlighted the barring of the son and daughter of a Republican Prisoner from visiting their father for 3 months. This was the result of an incident which was contrived by a female member of jail staff who is repeatedly belligerent toward the families of Republican Prisoners.  

On this particular occasion, after a request for the return of a visitors pass containing personal detail which led to a brief argument, this individual hit an emergency alarm. This resulted in the Riot Squad and a Governor arriving at the scene. They refused to identify themselves and despite repeated requests they kept two children locked in the area while the situation was ongoing; causing serious distress. Calls by both Republican Prisoners and families to investigate this matter effectively have been ignored.

After the 3 month ban was lifted and the visits were reinstated the Prisoner’s son availed of one visit. However, only days later the son has been banned once again with no reason having been provided. It is no coincidence that this barring comes amidst increasing attempts by notorious Security Governor, Brian Armour, to pursue a campaign of harassment against Republican Prisoners. 

It was Brian Armour who previously gloated that it was he who was passing the information that the son and daughter were to be barred. It was also he that prevented the playing of music at the wedding of a Republican Prisoner in November last year and who has repeatedly interfered with personal mail. Not content with a campaign of repression against Republican Prisoners on the wing it is clear that families of Republican Prisoners are now within the sights of the reactionaries.   

Republican Prisoners
Roe 4
11th February 2016

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