Dystopia & Dictatorship

Frank O'Brien in his regular column is concerned that a third world war is being tempted. into being. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

 What began as the War on Terrorism in post 9/11 has morphed into something absolutely more like the War for the Creation of Terrorism.

America's military intervention in Afghanistan could at first be so-called justified, since so many Americans were convinced by the propaganda machine propagated by corporate controlled media outlets. Once Americans began to question the 9/11 narrative, and its legitimacy, in ever increasing numbers, as more time elapsed from the attacks, public sentiment for military intervention began to erode.

The large 2003 invasion of Iraq on the false pretense that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was supposedly funding Al Qaeda, turned into our biggest boondoggle since the Vietnam War. Years later, in 2011, further covert support for regime changes went to Libya, Egypt and Syria, during what was termed the "Arab Spring," yet all of these CIA/Pentagon driven black ops managed to do was throw these countries into chaos.

A discernible pattern was apparent, leading to even more Americans questioning the malarkey in the official 9/11 report, and their seeing how it all actually might stem from an elitist desire originally to not only create a perpetual enemy, but foster hatred for America through various despicable war crimes in the Middle East, Africa and the Near East. For these elitists, out of chaos would come order, or in Uncle Sam's case, the militarization of police forces, and the erosion of many US Constitutional rights, and even the spread of rabid Islamophobia.

Thanks to Uncle Sam's having messed with, and meddled in the sovereign affairs of all these countries, Sunni extremism increased, creating Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and Uncle Sam actually and deliberately funded and built up this successor to Al Qaeda, which though it can be sourced to from American intelligence documents, and former military officials' testimonies, the latter has never been covered in the corporate/fascist mainstream media.

Obama, who many had great hopes for, turned out to be controlled by the same companies on Wall Street that influenced George W. Bush, besides the centers of whacko foreign policy construction like the Council on Foreign Relations. There were millions of people displaced by the conflicts raging in Africa, the Middle East and Near East, with 1 million being from Libya, and around 11.6 million from Syria, 5 million from Iraq, with an overall total now of 60 million refugees from all these regions.

Though several hundred thousand have wound up in Europe, most have stayed near their own original countries, making it a myth of Europe's Far Right that they will all be overwhelmed by refugees. There is a lot wisdom in the correlation with American covert ops in the above 3 global regions, and covert support of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL by Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, with the huge number of refugees that now exist.

Again also, because of American meddling in the affairs of Libya and Syria, these countries have become havens for extremist Sunnis, who also get their inspiration from Saudi Arabia's long time promotion of Wahhabism, an extremist form of Sunni Islam.

Guess who got the Saudi's to spread this cancer? The good ol' US of America! It was meant to enhance the "strategy of tension" which has been used by the West and America to shape and mold the 3 above regions to the liking of the American elite, especially the Big Oil guys. 3.7 million Afghans have been displaced by America's intervention in 2001, and scores of innocents killed, and a pro-American, and highly corrupt regime being put in place. 1 million Iraqis have died since the American invasion and occupation since it started in 2003, and again, a highly corrupt, sectarian, and pliable regime having been put in charge.

Thanks to Uncle Sam, and the West at large too, there is fear, confusion and anarchy now in Northern Africa, the Middle East and Near East. Israel has swung to the Far Right even more, and kills and maims its own native and sovereign Palestinian population with great abandon. Talk about being great purveyors of the West's hegemony! Now if anyone is to blame for the new Daesh/ISIS/ISIL threat, it is the West and America in particular, having sown so much hate for the West in the Middle East, Near East and Northern Africa. Uncle Sam and NATO even have been conducting regime changes in Eastern Europe, and places like Georgia and the Ukraine, pissing off the Russians, who stood their ground, and now have even entered the Syrian fray, and are making alliances with China, India and Pakistan.

If America would just pull out of these regions, leaving say a token force in Afghanistan, it would be easier to bring down the rampant hate it started, and possibly through genuine humanitarian, educational and non-selfish efforts, America could help clean up the hate it has so far garnered. Considering that America caused there to be millions of dead, and millions made refugees, it should take the bulk of refugees that have landed in Europe, opening up its arms with love and not the hate of Islamophobia. America is fractured politically too thanks to both the Bush, and Obama administrations, so one can only hope that Bernie Sanders takes the helm, and does change foreign policy from being the scandal it has been.

Europe needs to take responsibility too for a lot of the terrorism, since its own NATO has promoted policies that have back fired on them now. Torture of detainees, the killing of detainees and the use of banned munitions on civilian populations has left an indelible mark so bad that it could take decades before the hate for the West subsides by any significance. It was the leaving of Iraq divided along Sunni and Shiite sectarian lines that also helped promote the fostering of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL.

The supposed victims of Al Qaeda terrorism on 9/11, have become covert state sponsors of terrorism in an attempt at the social engineering of the above global regions, making them along the lines of the desired type longed for by Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agra, etc.. If anything the American military has been sent into these areas to make it possible for Big Business to exploit the natural resources of these regions. The neoliberialism, neocolonialism and desire to dominate these regions by the West as a whole, has been the reason for not only the hate that is embodied in Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, but for the untold misery that it has put the native populations through. America and NATO are now the bullies in the school yard, being an equal to the Sunni extremists in their brutality and ruthlessness.

The pandering in the American corporate mainstream press to making us think that we are still the victim is total bull crap. The CIA and its ilk have for too long been allowed to flip regimes in the ways they so desire, so it is now the time when we Americans should take a long hard look at what has been done in our name, and forcing our government to stop playing in other people's sand boxes.

We need to pull back, concentrate on saving our nation, and devolving down from being an empire, going back instead to being a more true democracy.It will take decades to clean up the mess we have caused by allowing a select few elites to dictate foreign policy, and there are guilty parties on both the Right and the Left. We should re-investigate 9/11 since it was the freaking reason we tore apart so much of the world, and also since there is very, very good evidence that those behind 9/11 were some of our own intelligence, military and political leaders. 9/11 was a case of high treason, and had nothing to do with Al Qaeda, and actually had more to do with our being too cozy with Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

To prevent a world war we MUST EXIT the regions we've for too long been screwing up since 9/11, concentrating instead on building up our now decaying infrastructure, and decimated economy. We must have truth hearings, with citizens being in charge this time of the investigation into 9/11, and the war crimes committed by the Bush and Obama administrations. We MUST put Big Business in it's place, making it serve the will of the people, and not the other way around. We must make reparations for our war crimes, and we need to rid the UN of its globalist scum bag minions, making it into the good global representative that it should have been up till now.

Though Daesh/ISIS/ISIL must be stamped out too, we need to come clean in our mainstream press about our own extremism that has been driven by the sheer greed of unfettered capitalism. At least half of America has been severely effected economically by Wall Street's shenanigans, so we must enact legislation that puts Big Business in it's place, holding it accountable for the misery it has caused the average American, besides it's horrific escapades in the above mentioned global regions.

I believe through a combination of heavily taxing the rich, and super rich, getting rid of income, and property taxes foisted up till now on the middle class, and working poor, by restructuring our economy, building back up American industry and nationalizing certain industries even, along with another few well thought out changes, we can be the economic giant we once were, and thereby also lessen poverty, homelessness and other social ills. Through legalization of drugs we'd save billions of wasted tax dollars, and by taxing the newly legal drugs we'd have a huge windfall in money, that can help pay for rehabilitation for those who are addicts, and education aimed at lowering recreational drug use.

The point here is that our current trajectory will only lead to disasters far greater than there have been so far, and the American government and Big Business need to be taken down several notches, being made to finally serve the will of the people, besides the will of those they have so grievously harmed, terrorized and killed. We will need possibly to have a popular revolution, just as Thomas Jefferson suggested would be necessary to keep democracy alive.

The time is now when we should take the bull by the cojones, squeezing hard, and making it jump to our will, and only those in police, military and politics who still hold out for our process to self correct are the ones that need a swift kick in their back sides. With knowing the truth of the above information, one should become an almost radical, since we need radical changes. As always, it is up to you.

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