Blatantly Untrue Statement.

Steven Katsineris protests the dishonest ABC news coverage of Palestine.

Dear Editor, 

On January 30, the ABC’s 7.30 Report had a story from an organisation of former and serving Israeli soldiers called Breaking the Silence. It was an insightful report on the brutal actions of the Israeli army in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Before the segment aired the presenter Julia Baird said, "...with deadly attacks by Palestinians on Israelis continuing on a near daily basis." This is a blatantly untrue statement. While Palestinians and Israelis have been killed since the beginning of the current uprising in the Israeli occupied West Bank that started in early October 2015, Palestinians have killed 26 Israelis up to February 2016. So in the four month period, one or sometimes two Israelis have died each week, a lot less than on a near daily basis.

On the other hand, in that period at least 150 Palestinians, which is over one killed a day by Israeli settlers or soldiers. On the few occasions that the Palestinians and their resistance to Israeli occupation is ever mentioned in the mass media in Australia, it is usually very biased towards Israel. And as in this instance the much lesser Israeli casualties and suffering of Israelis compared to that of the Palestinians is usually what matters and rates mention to Australian commentators.

There seems to be either a lack of knowledge of the Palestine situation or a plain bias towards the illegal Israeli occupiers and settlers and a total disregard for the greater number of deaths, injuries and suffering of the oppressed Palestinians and their justified resistance to Israeli occupation and repression.

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