Admiring Arlene

Derry justice campaigner Daniel Bradley is happy to see Arlene Foster hit out at PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton.

Arlene Foster hits out at George Hamilton and stands up for the victims of the Shankhill bombing and pulls no punches, demanding that George Hamilton gets his act together. She has to be admired.

As a victim of the past I have never seen Sinn Fein do that. Instead they condemn the Real IRA who were ex-comrades. A as I always say actions speak louder than words. But this does not stop me challenging the British state and its dirty linen.

Dear Lord Chief Justice,

I take this opportunity to ask you to refuse the commissioner entry to the meeting that is being held on the 12th February with yourself. As you hold a very high position I must treat you with respect and I believe that you should do the same with myself. Therefore I would ask that on my behalf, the commissioner and the secretary of state, what was their reason that myself did not get an invite to this victims meeting and what is the reason behind the commissioner inviting certain groups and refusing others? By refusing myself entry to this meeting it has caused further pain and mistrust. I have attached an email that I sent to Mr Mann and his to me for your attention.

Yours faithfully

Daniel Bradley

From Daniel Bradley To Peter Mann

Dear Mr Mann, I am really very disappointed and annoyed with your answer. First of all you say to me that you will put this request to the commissioner and others, which I believed that you would and then you come back today late afternoon by email that I would have to contact the secretary of state’s office myself. I feel that I have been deceived and misled. 

You are well aware that I am a member of the Innocence Truth and Justice group and that I boldly speak out for victims in the Derry area. I am now sending a copy of this email to the Lord Chief Justice, allowing him to know that I do not want the commissioner of the victims present on the 12th February, as I would feel uncomfortable with her presence. I believe that her presence would be a PR stunt, helping the Northern Ireland secretary to close doors on the victims’ rights.

It would have caused you no trouble at all to have sent an email to the secretary of state on my behalf, to be allowed a place at this meeting, to listen to what the secretary of state has to say. I have been deprived of that and now you have put mistrust, where there should have trust.

From Peter Mann To Daniel Bradley

Dear Mr Bradley,

Further to your telephone call this morning I can confirm that the Secretary of State requested a number of meetings with the Commission and groups on the 8 February 2016. It is our understanding that Monday’s event is the first of a number of engagements with groups, which the Commission may also be part of. If you wish to engage with the Secretary of State, or her officials, to discuss your concerns the contact telephone number for the Northern Ireland Office is 028 9052 0700. 

As discussed yesterday, the Commission will also be in attendance at the meeting organised by the Lord Chief Justice’s office on 12 February 2016; this will be in an observer capacity.

The Commissioner is looking forward to meeting with you and hearing your concerns on 22 February 2016 at 10:00.

Kind regards 

Peter Mann
Policy Officer
Commission for Victims and Survivors
4th Floor
Equality House
7-9 Shaftesbury Square
(t): 028 9031 1000

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