The Past Is Not A Laughing Matter

In his letter Daniel Bradley looks at a recent decision by Judge Reginald Weir in Belfast. Daniel Bradley is a Derry justice campaigner. 

From 1969 and onwards the British occupation took over Northern Ireland and made it a war zone and training ground for their soldiers and MI5/6. No one can doubt that.

In 1998 they put their own ministers in Stormont, what I would call a false peace. They manipulate Sinn Fein and the DUP as well as the British courts and justice system.

Now why would I say that? at the start of December Judge Weir ordered all the solicitors dealing with inquests to get all details concerning inquests presented to him before the 10th Dec. as he will be holding hearings on the 19th Jan. 12016.

Behold Theresa Villiers, Sinn Fein, and DUP will be holding talks with the victims of the troubles before that date to get a fresh start.  Amazing as Judge Weir will be giving decisions on the 19th.

The past is no laughing matter and the people of Northern Ireland need to open their eyes, as the British government again will bypass the victims through their court rulings.

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