The Dogs Of A 9/11 War

Frank O'Brien continues with his foray into US domestic politics. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

The future of conversation isn't at the point of a gun, rather it is at the point of a key stroke, and the power of the quill, matched up with occupation movements.

Black Lives Matter if carried far enough can accomplish real equality for the teeming African-American masses, who I lived with in South Albany, considered as the 'ghetto' of all of Albany, by all the white upper class.

The American Indian Movement can accomplish true equity for the still poor, and disenfranchised Native-American masses, through public attention in the ALT press, and staging non-violent sit-ins at state capitals, perhaps side by side with their black brethren and sisters, and white middle class, and radical upper middle class comrades, forming a sharp sword that can cut through the bureaucracy, and red tape put in place by the Powers That Shouldn't Be.

Basically, we need together to take back, from the 1% oligarchy, that wrongly got us into an endless war with a manufactured, enemy whose shadowy at best, is our God given right to be in charge of things. Whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Zen-Buddhist, Taoist, gay, bi, transgender, black, brown or white, young or old, refugee or migrant, English speaking, or Spanish, or French speaking et al, basically all of us together need to demand equal representation in our own countries, spreading out to the global village.

By not letting ourselves being co-opted by the corporate mainstream media, and individually speaking out about the inadequacies, and unfairness, we empower ourselves. By gathering together otherwise disparate political movements that promote free speech, whether they are left or right[a created paradigm!!!], we realize that they we just need to be talking with each other.

Behind all the memes like ANONYMOUS, and Occupation Wall Street are THE PEOPLE who actually need to be heard, and molded into an unstoppable social force. First, we should fall back on the laws that already enable us to bring the guilty to justice. First we must investigate, prosecute and adjudicate those neoconservatives who were behind 9/11, the new Pearl Harbor[that PNAC called for] that has been used to justify wars, and blindly rally us away from true democracy. It turns out from various independent open source investigations, that the finger points back at our own governments who were and are behind all the terrorism, which is being used to control us all, and are an excuse to take away God given rights.

This secret, deep state cabal, which has been excellently documented by various authors, inside and outside academia, is the driving force behind the manipulated, stage managed War on Terror. An all too convenient label that can be utilized to blacken the name of anyone, especially the dissenting voices, when in fact the guilty are the all orchestrating, all powerful ones at the ti-pity top. They want you to look at their one hand, like a magician, not wanting you seeing the agenda that is in their other hand.

Terror is a meaningful distraction so that you don't focus on the inequalities in your own life, and aren't speaking out about that. Only by taking down the guilty, who were those in PNAC[Project for the New American Century], basically the neocons, and the monied interests behind them, who are the real puppet masters, will we free and liberate ourselves.

It all has to start at home though, with Americans going after these think tanks, like the Rand Corporation, globalist political groups, like the Council on Foreign Relations, secret societies, like Skull & Bones and the Bohemian Grove, their bought and paid for politicians, and the so far unaccountable billionaires, who's money is what greases the cogs and wheels of this corrupt, and soon to be bankrupt economic system.

I've enumerated the whistleblowers here before, who offer the evidence and testimony, which can then be used by a prosecutor to subpoena the records of the CIA, Wall Street banks, the FBI, NSA, the current and former president[s], and a bevy of others. Once you pin down one, you use the leverage to get them to implicate any others involved, and it helps even more if you prosecute it all under the RICO statutes, thereby getting at the real puppet masters at the very top. You leave no stone unturned, making sure you give no rest to the wicked, going after ALL the ones who have gotten away all these decades, like Warren Buffett, and the Bush family. Instead of lynch mobs, you settle for police, lawyers, and judges, being the kind of people who hold up law and order, which we still will need as before, but with a lot of changes to the system, and the way it is set up.

While we are at it, we need to reopen cases where the books were so obviously cooked, like with the Oklahoma City bombing. In cases where war crimes are involved, we can call upon the foreign witnesses still alive, providing for witness protection, since the guilty stop at nothing to protect themselves. What is for sure is that we are headed for a huge sea change in where the fat cats that up till now ran things are in for a rude awakening. The status quo will be over turned in favor of a more populist system representative of the people, where health care will be a right. We will pull out our troops from countries where they shouldn't have been anyway, staying only in places where we are really, really needed, and the defense budget will need to be reduced at least by half, with the INS sent out to locate off shore bank accounts where groups like the CIA keep their illegal slush funds.

The longer we go on not doing anything about it, is time that the guilty are using to find protection for themselves, building up armies of lawyers to shield themselves from any case brought against them from some good guys working from within the system. We should dismantle the corporate monopolies like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, setting up protections in the laws governing our air waves, guarding against those who would use such networks to pipe in their propaganda and disinformation.

Our media needs to be free from the undo influence of corporations, and government, being made to be independent, and back to reporting on important social justice issues, and doing more investigative journalism.

Our two part political system needs to be made to share the limelight with other political parties, so that they no longer steer public debate by themselves, excluding other voices out here in the wilderness.

The bad old days of politics as usual need to be gotten rid of, with a new vibrant political system that is answerable to the people, and not corporations and the rich.

Complacency and apathy need to be replaced by activism and socially responsible action among all the able bodied population, where one's voice matters to those at the top, instead of a system that only listens to you if you have a big wallet.

Getting at those that were behind 9/11, is ultimately the most important way forward in doing a reboot on our nation's hard drive, since these so far not prosecuted monsters still hold sway and influence over our system, dictating where the government goes, and impacting all of us in the 99%. They 'wag the dog,' creating the problem, which they can find the solution to, wasting the time of the rest of us, when we could be doing productive things like bringing up the living standards of people, and ridding our police departments of racist, and prejudiced cops.

Perhaps we could do both by raising the salaries of cops coupled with better statistics and real world behavior showing their having done better, and we need to lower or get rid of taxes on working class people and the poor, and placing it on the rich instead. We need workers' rights in this country, and around the world, and we need to lower the political power of the corporations and the rich to very rich.

Civil rights in this country ought to include the right to owning a house, so that there isn't any homelessness. We had such a good economy up till 2000, until Bush/Cheney and their perpetual War on Terror came along, draining off even the Social Security surplus. Creeping towards losing our Bill of Rights and Constitution is another stifling effect that Bush/Cheney had on our country, besides 'wagging the dog' towards war with Iraq. Everything since 2001 hinged on the world having changed forever which it certainly did, but what if the event it was based on was a load of malarkey, brought upon on us by the same bunch who stole the 2000 presidential election. The sooner we put them in prison, bringing our country back from the brink, the sooner we can get back on the right track. Let's do it, and bring back our country, to what can be made into a much better, and heart centered nation.

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