Seán Heuston Society To Host Debate On ‘An Gorta Mhór’

The Seán Heuston Society is to host a debate on ‘An Gorta Mhór’ this Wednesday in Dublin.
Wednesday, 20th January at 7.30pm, sees the monthly educational talk organised by the Seán Heuston Society Dublin, with the Teachers Club on Parnell Square in Dublin City Centre playing host to a debate between Tim Pat Coogan and Professor Liam Kennedy.

The debate will be on ‘An Gorta Mhór’ and asks was it a British-inspired genocide or a natural famine cause by a failure of the potato crop.

Both are on opposing sides of the spectrum and as with all of the Seán Heuston Society’s debates, they’re encouraging audience participation and thus a lively Q&A session will hopefully follow on the night.

As always, entry is free and all are welcome. For more information contact the Seán Heuston Society on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively you can get in touch through this site.

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