Rewriting History

Thomas Dixie Elliot with a satirical look at Sinn Fein and the Easter Rising. Dixie Elliot is a former H Block blanketman.

Declan K: "I don't want to be Eoin MacNeill."

Marty: "You will countermand the order for our 1916 reenactment so we can go ahead with it."

Mary Lou: "I want to be Maureen O'Hara."

(Irritating background sniggering)

Mary Lou: "Who's laughing?

Niall Ó D: "Don't mind me Mary Lou, it's just that Maureen O'Hara wasn't a Republican and she most definitely was not at the Easter Rising. Believe me I know about these things."

Mary Lou: "Well I saw her in a film and someone said...So the IRA's in this too."

Niall Ó D: "That was The Quiet Man Mary Lou. It had nothing whatsoever to do with Republicanism nor The Easter Rising. Isn't that right Danny?"

Danny M: "It all depends on what Gerry thinks."

Niall Ó D is dismissed from Sinn Fein with ignominy for contradicting the Vice President of the party and Mary Lou gets to be Maureen O'Hara Markievicz.

Martina: "I want to be the nurse Elizabeth O'Farrell so I can tend to Gerry's wounds."
"She delivered the surrender!"

Marty: "Who said that?"

Danny M: "Niall Ó D!"

Marty: "Get a baseball bat Danny. Everybody knows it was Séanna Walsh."

Gerry: "Now lets not get carried away Martina, I don't intend getting wounded. Eoin MacNeill will take a bullet for me. Isn't that correct Declan?"

Declan K: "Eh?"

Gerry: "Well go ahead. Show them how you take a bullet for me."

BANG! AAAAAH! - Declan Kearney shoots himself in the foot.

Gerry: "No you twat I meant with a replica weapon!"

Declan K (Whimpering in pain): "I can't be Eoin Mac Neill now. He wasn't wounded."

Gerry K: "Eoin MacNeill bled to death, unless we say otherwise!"

And so Declan K was only too glad to be Eoin Mac Neill.

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