Persecuted Prophets?

Frank O'Brien argues against an undifferentiated view of Islam. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

First off, to dispense with any confusion, Daesh/ISIS/ISIL are a perversion of traditional Sunni Islamic interpretation, and need to be stamped out, just as much as do their secret creators in the secret intelligence/corporate community.

Just as extreme as the Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia, which represents 22% of those in this country, the misinterpretation of traditional Sunni Islam by Daesh/ISIS/ISIL is abhorrent to the Muslim belief in "peaceful coexistence."

Much of the extreme Islamic theology of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia, comes from it's being instituted decades ago by both British and American intelligence, much as the CIA's backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in the recent Egyptian part of the "Arab Spring." It is all geared towards the idea of the "strategy of tension," which in essence keeps the possibility of Arab unification off balance just enough so that the West can manipulate, and control the political and theological direction of the Middle East.

Zionists in Israel are the equivalent of the Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia, in that they are both extremist interpretations of both Jewish and Islamic theology. Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, the currents coming from Western news reports, and commentary, are leaning towards the persecution of both Shia and Sunni Muslims, or the beginnings of such, which also began emanating right after the false flag attacks of 9/11.

It is difficult to completely discern, but the covert Western backing of these Sunni extremists in Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, are convenient tools by which to realize "regime change" in these countries, as per the political/socioeconomic desires of the Western powers, and their 1% oligarch masters.

With over 1 million Iraqis having been killed since the 2003 American invasion, and occupation of Iraq, religious fervor amongst the populace is quite understandable, given the outrageous loss of life. "Death squads" were covertly instituted by both the American top brass, and their lackeys in the new Iraqi government, which account for some of the death toll, along with drones bombing various targets, which caused, as the American military love to euphemistically call, "collateral damage." This is similar to the strategy used by Israel's IDF, when going after the Palestinian leadership, hoping that large civilian casualties will cause the Palestinians to turn upon their leadership.

Complicating the whole situation is the incestuous relationship between Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and the Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, since these three countries have acted as proxy supporters for the West, having taken an active roll in building up Daesh/ISIS/ISIL. All three countries above, and various other Gulf countries, have been in cahoots with Western intelligence, or at least, the deep state players of the West, known as "The Octopus" by the author Danny Casolaro. The more modern covert manipulations stretch back to the "October Surprise" and "Iran-Contra" affairs, besides the Mujahideen in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation.

The deep state players are drug dealers/runners, arms industry people, and quote, unquote, "terrorists." These scum live off of the massive amounts of money generated by war and conflict, and are used as a covert third force to open up opportunities for big business[like Big Oil] in both the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia. NATO's GLADIO B operations are a big part of the subtle, and seismic events being generated in these regions, with the West's deep state being complicit in a whole array of war crimes.

The thankful wild card of Russia, China and Iran have started putting nails to the coffin of the GLADIO B operations, though the problem is the possibilities of escalations that could lead to a world war, which the oligarch globalists desire, so that they can then, in the end, be the ones to put civilization back together.

Just as the Jews were the persecuted minority during WWII, Muslims are the new persecuted minority, and the more that these false flag attacks, as in Paris, keep on occurring, the worse that the sectarian violence will become. Already various fascist right wing political parties in mainland Europe have been making electoral gains, no doubt from the instigated terrorist attacks. We must heed the warnings of professional academic analysts, like Prof. Peter Dale Scott, and Prof. Alfred W. McCoy, or we will get swallowed up into a conflict, which has been a made to order disaster.

We must not allow ourselves to be fooled by Zionist propaganda, which fans the flames of a false dichotomy, which is a manufactured construct, put together by oligarchs, their political goons and the various other riff-raff in the deep state's drug, oil and arms industry. From all indications, "The Octopus," working towards GLADIO B goals, desires there to be a war between Christians and Muslims, erupting into a world wide conflict, which would only wind up killing millions more innocent Muslims, and possibly peoples of all other faiths.

Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell is another prophet, so to say, of these coming events, since his analysis is spot on as per the New World Order. Please read his books, besides those of the other two academics above, so as to better understand where the mainstream media is pushing us towards, along with the false flag attacks, which are only meant to stir the huge sectarian pot.

Watch and listen to Sean Stone too, since he has a more enlightened view of Islam, and knowledge of the direction that the Powers That Shouldn't Be are trying to take us in.

There are 60 million refugees so far from the African, and Middle Eastern flash points, who need our love and understanding, since they are victims of these vicious mechanizations brought down upon us by the globalists. Though I don't quite completely support the Oregon militia occupation, I do sympathize with their stance against the renegade elements within our Federal and State governments. They too are victims of the Big Brother tactics and agenda that has swallowed this country up since the whole false flag of 9/11. Look up the "Franklin Scandal" and you will get a taste of what and whom are the players in this sordid, and sorry excuse of a government. Paedophilia is involved in a lot of the major scandals, demonstrating how degenerate the oligarchs are. To quote from my favorite TV series from the 1990s, "Millennium," "We're headed towards an Apocalypse of our own creation." If you haven't seen this series, you really should, for it is prescient of our current situation, although cloaked in a fictional portrayal.

Whether you are left wing, right wing or of the middle, you need to educate yourself on Islam, and what its actual tenets are, for right now there is a concerted effort to misrepresent the true teachings of this glorious faith. Don't allow yourself to fall into the sectarian trap, or these geopolitical farces going on in the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia. Lives are at stake, as are ideals of religious freedom, and political expression. Intransigence will only lead to blood shed, and chaos, so reach instead for enlightenment, learning about Islam, and these geopolitical wranglings that are engulfing us, and dividing us.

We are now a global village, with our needing to be understanding, and respecting of others. Certainly the extremists need to be put down, but so do their shadowy masters. Research open source intelligence too, to get a grip on what and whom are really behind the escapades that we have been facing as a global family. Be the wise old man or woman, the grandma or grandpa, who offer wisdom and understanding, instead of negative, bigoted, and racist bunk. Lean towards the light, offering help to those in need, and understanding of their plight.

The more we learn to love one another, the greater the chance will be that we can head off disaster. Scapegoating is an evil, as is narrow, and unbending ideology, so try to be open, and don't fear what you don't know about. Embrace it, and learn about it, so that we can all heal the massive wounds inflicted by those at the top. As always it is up to you in how things turn out, so ask yourself, "What do I really want for my family and friends?"

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  1. Wahabb settled his analysis long before America was even born. Leave aside their violent aspects which could reasonably be seen as a reaction to violence toward them : Can you explain why ISIS needed to reinstitute slavery because of the American invasion of Iraq? Would that make them more than just reactionairies?