Peak Oil And The Death Of Michael C. Ruppert

Frank O'Brien on the life and death of Michael C. Ruppert. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area. 

The brave investigative journalist/independent intelligence analyst, Michael C. Ruppert, did commit suicide, considering that he thought he had contributed as much as he could to the future of humanity.

His final piece was a movie,"Collapse," in which he outlined that we have reached peak oil, which he came to understand from the massive amount of research he had completed, and documented very well in the movie, and his last interviews.

He had a 4 year degree, had been an LAPD narcotics detective, until he was approached by a CIA cut out, trying to recruit him into helping cover up the official CIA drug running that had been going since the Vietnam war. When he refused on moral grounds, he was shot at by his own LAPD, in an attempt to either coerce him into it, or to silence him. Either way he successfully survived, mostly through being very vocal about his experiences, writing to Congressman and Senators, and being a political activist.

Ruppert is the exemplary example of the "good cop" who was surrounded by corrupt cops, and was driven out since he couldn't countenance the hypocrisy surrounding him, plus the fact, if he stayed, he'd have likely been demoted, and driven out by bureaucratic means. Instead of staying silent he kept trying, eventually starting his own news letter. He was instrumental in participating during the Los Angeles/CIA hearing during the 1990s, that linked crack cocaine being related to cocaine that the CIA was smuggling in, via Mena, Arkansas and other CIA protected drop off points, which he had personally been aware of since the 1970s.

Bill Clinton, and his cohort, Dan Lasater, were knee deep in these operations in collusion with CIA, and elements in the DEA, which was also being directed by W's father, Vice President, then President George H.W. Bush. There had been, as there are today, honest cops, that tried to break open this outrageous, and obvious corruption, but they got shot down, one Arkansas state police investigator getting poisoned with US military grade anthrax.

It got worse! After 9/11, Ruppert like a pit bull, investigated the circumstances of the attacks, and was able to tie it to Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and other nefarious neoconservatives in the George W. Bush administration. From 1998 on, Ruppert published a sandal rag, which was so well documented, that goons from the Bush administration did things, like break into his premises, and trash his computers.

He, that is Ruppert, felt that the most important issues were both economic, and dealing with what is our obviously being at peak oil. Ruppert predicted the 2008 financial collapse, and through his newsletter, and his movie, methodically went through all the things we will soon be facing, once oil is near depletion. His point is that nearly everything relies on oil, including plastics, planting of crops, and of course automobile transportation. His movie, his final message to the world, is a MUST SEE if one is to understand how precarious things are, and how atrocious things will soon become.

As one who was going to become a cop, and would have left if I encountered the kind of corruption Ruppert faced, I can tell you from my vast experience as a researcher, that Ruppert was always right on point, and knew his stuff. He is desperately missed by all of us in the ALT community, and no doubt he is in heaven above, which he earned from his heroism.

We must as investigators, as open source intelligence analysts, continue Ruppert's work, and promote his final swan song dealing with peak oil. Peak oil, or our running out of oil, is what will bring about the collapse of society as we know it. We no longer will have the easy transportation we hold dear, such as taking off in our cars on vacation, and even more importantly to work. Industries will be forced to either shut down, or reconfigure their energy needs in extremely creative ways.

Our whole system is due to stop to a grinding halt once we run out of oil, and if that wasn't bad enough, there is a developing problem with supplies of drinkable water. Only if there is the political will from our politicians, many of them in the pockets of Big Oil, to stand up to these corporate interests, and tell them to invest in green energy, and renewable resources, can we ever hope to head off our trajectory towards total economic, and industrial collapse.

Countries like China, India and Russia still have untapped natural resources, and are now industrialized enough to hopefully help in heading off what will soon be this peak oil crisis. But the American Empire must heal itself, pulling back in its military, and concentrate solely on its own economic/industrial system. Uncle Sam's misadventures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria and even in the Eurasian underbelly, near and around the Ukraine, MUST STOP, and be rectified, with our offering sincere apologies for the wrongs we've perpetrated, and promising to do right instead of wrong, as we've been doing, which had been done in the name of this FAKE WAR on TERRORISM.

The problem we face is an overly complacent, and apathetic electorate, which needs to RISE UP and FORCE change through sheer over whelming numbers, and through armed insurrection if it is called for. A rare military coup d'etat is not the most desirable outcome, for it could lead to a new civil war, but I think we can peacefully reach a point where through sheer people power, we can force changes to our currently very, very corrupt political system.

To begin with the American people need to wake up more than they have, though a healthy number already have, but even more need to, and THIS MEANS YOU. Go through the archives of this great man, Mike Ruppert, and my already suggested, "The Corbett Report," where you will find information that has been denied you by the corporate mainstream press, since the 4th Estate is dead, only kept alive by channels like teleSur, RT, Aljazeera, PressTV, and the many independent news organizations, like We Are Change, and Press for Truth. Abby Martin of "The Empire Files," is A MUST as Chris Hedges's "Days of Revolt," and you should watch them even if you are right wing, since there are plenty of facts that right wingers need to know, but deny themselves by only listening to Fox News, and conservative talk shows, like Rush Limbaugh.

I'm a little right wing myself, and a whole lot left wing, without there being any cognitive dissonance. Most people are like this, being a little bit of both right and left, so all you need to do is expand your horizons, no matter your convictions, for convictions are meant to be broken, especially if they come from sheer ignorance. I for instance, have cable, but only get my news mainly from all the international news channels, which have live feeds on the Internet.

Combining that with the commentary and information from the ALT news media, I can reach a far more educated conclusion than say if I only watched Fox News, or from listening to Rush Limbaugh, or even CNN, MSNBC, and NPR.

Watch everything, listen to everything, and especially those ALT media I can swear to you are the very, very best. Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization, is another wonderful web site, with timely articles, and commentary, that runs as a counter to that coming from the corporate mainstream media, which is controlled by corporations and the military/industrial/intelligence complex, which President Eisenhower warned us about before he left office. "Watching the Hawks," "Off The Grid[with Jesse Ventura]," and "News and Views from the Nefarium[with Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell]," are also MUST WATCHING, and keep up each week as I do, watching them, and checking out all the above.

Whether right or left, or a combination like me, it will change you if you just allow yourself to have an open mind. I had been ignorantly pro-Israel for decades, but thanks to Max Blumenthal, and some of these other programs, I now am pro-Palestinian and pro-Arab, with my just being against Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and their masters in NATO, CIA/Pentagon, and the proxy nations like Turkey and the awful Saudi Arabia. The recent diplomatic, and some what sectarian row between Iran and Saudi Arabia, does not bode well for the future of the Middle Eastern Crisis, and may just flare up into a world war.

You can be sure that things will soon get worse both militarily, and economically if unless the American military withdraws from both the Middle East, and Afghanistan, besides the CIA and NGO[Non-Governmental Organizations who act as CIA cut outs] getting their asses out of Eurasia, including the Ukraine. And besides this pull back, we must stop our geopolitical games, leaving Europe and the Middle East/Near East/Africa to sort out their own problems on their own.

In summation, I say, and suggest STRONGLY that you pay attention to the news, going to those ALT media outlets I suggest, and reviewing the life's work of Michael C. Ruppert, especially concerning peak oil, and 9/11. As always, it is in your hands, but think of your children, and grand children, and maybe that will get you to get your rear end in gear.

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