Gideon's Sword To Damocles Sword

Frank O'Brien launches his pen against Israeli war crimes. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

The lopsided relationship between the Palestinian people and the Israeli Goliath isn't covered much in anything other than the ALT news media, since the mainstream is strictly pro-Israeli because of the huge Israeli-American Lobby.

The excuse for the 51 Day War against Palestine was instigated from 3 Israeli teens who were kidnapped, and then killed, by a rogue Hamas cell, which was the analysis of Israel itself.

So basically it was used as an excuse to commit genocide on the Palestinians, with 2,104 Gazans killed, 1,462 of whom were civilians, and 495 of those being children. During the 51 Day War, called 'Protective Edge' by Israel, over 10,000 Palestinians were injured, with 3,106 of them being children, and roughly 1,000 injured children will be permanently disabled because of their injuries. 1,500 Palestinian children have been left orphans. Many of these killings were done at night when families were asleep, so it amounts to an ethnic cleansing of innocent Palestinian families.

Is it any wonder than that a 3rd Intifada has begun, with lone Palestinians lashing out with knives, and other means to hit back at their oppressors? Israel certainly wasn't legitimately defending its security when its massacring and slaughtering innocent civilians.

Netanyahu gagged the Israeli press from reporting that the Israeli teens were already dead, then moving the IDF in on the pretext that they were looking for the 3 kidnapped teens. Palestinian politicians and political activists were arrested en masse, both of Fatah on the West Bank, and of Hamas on the Gaza Strip, in an attempt to shatter the first Palestinian unity government.

About 72 Israelis were killed during Protective Edge, of whom 69 were combat soldiers who invaded and occupied the Gaza Strip. While the military wing of Hamas, the al-Qassam Brigades hit at Israeli military targets, the IDF deliberately targeted Palestinian civilians, in a strategy called the 'Dahiya Doctrine,' which targets civilians in an attempt to turn them against their leadership. The monster behind this doctrine is Israeli Military Commander-in-Chief, Gadi Eizenkot, and its an asymmetric warfare strategy typical of insurgency campaign, which even the USA teaches at its military schools.

Israel gets about 4.5 billion dollars in military aid from the USA, basically as a bribe to pacify Israel after the diplomatic deal done concerning Iran not manufacturing nuclear weapons. Israel's own nuclear weapons program dates from the 1950s, and came to the center of debate after Mordechai Vanunu, an Israeli nuclear technician and peace activist blew the whistle on it in 1986 to the British press.

Former US President, Jimmy Carter, in 2008 pegged the number of Israeli nuclear weapons at 150 to around 300, yet Uncle Sam and the UN have turned a blind eye to this reality. Israel is not a strategic asset, rather it is a huge liability to the US, with the far right wing Israeli political party, the Likud Party, having wanted to bomb Iran's nuclear installations as a way of stopping it.

The huge and vicious pro-Israel-American Lobby, seeks to get the US Congress to supply more and more military funds to perpetuate the continued Israeli occupation and persecution of the sovereign Palestinian people, and to maintain a 'bloody status quo.'

There is the BDS Movement, standing for, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, which seeks to put pressure on Israel to comply with international law, and respect the human rights of the Palestinian people.

Max Blumenthal, writer, journalist and author, while on Jesse Ventura's 'Off the Grid,' said that 'Netanyahu [is] inciting against [the] elected leadership of Washington, D.C., through the cut out pro-Israeli Lobby in Congress.' Blumenthal calls Israel the 'ultimate frenemy,' who needs to be investigated for war crimes, especially Israeli Army Chief of Staff, Benny Gantz, and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who if they go abroad, should be arrested on sight. He said that the Israeli Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked, called for, during the 51 Day War, the extermination of Palestinian mothers so that they wouldn't be able to give birth to what she called 'little snakes.' Netanyahu called for 'blood vengeance' in the run up to the beginning of the 51 Day War. On Ventura's 'Off the Grid,' Blumenthal said that 'it's simply my job to report the facts and provide analysis wherever I can.' Max Blumenthal's work can be found at, and he has two new books entitled, 'The 51 Day War' and 'Goliath.'

The legacy of colonialism and the British 'Great Game' in the Middle East are behind a lot of what we see going on in the Middle East. The great American empire, and its diminutive partner, Great Britain, and the NATO allies, along with their proxy, cut out allies in the region, are behind most of the refugee problems gripping mainland Europe, and are behind even the creation and growth of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL.

Zionist settlers and their right wing government are the greatest enemies to peace in the Middle East right now, and need to be fought tooth and nail. Seeing how they are a wayward, and nasty little creation of the Powers That Shouldn't Be, they need to be brought to heel, and put on trial for their war crimes, and genocide/ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

The imperative is to educate people world wide, and in America, of the true reality going on in the Palestinian territories, which are constantly attacked and occupied by Israel. We must instill truth in the debate which is massively manipulated by the Jewish/Zionist/American Lobby.

The atrocities of Israel are the reason for the desperate solitary attacks on Israelis, and though awful in their own way, are understandable if you look at the context of the situation.

Breaking the complacent, apathetic non-action of Americans is a must for this whole mania to be cured, and remedied, but we must first have justice for the Palestinians, and greater Middle Eastern populace. Are you ready to finally join in?

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