Alan Rickman

Steven Katsineris remembers Alan Rickman (21/2/1946-14/1/16). Steven Katsineris is a Melbourne based writer and activist. 

Alan Rickman was born in London and grew up in a working class council estate in west London. He died of cancer in London this week, aged 69, surrounded by his family and friends.

He was a talented and adaptable actor, a decent and kind human being, but also had a keen social conscience and was politically active. He gave his time, energy and money campaigning for human rights, refugees and many other worthy causes.

In December 2015, Alan Rickman lent his famous voice to a video of a tortoise eating a strawberry. He was working with Save the Children and the Refugee Council to create a viral video that would help raise money for the two charities. By watching the video, viewers can help raise money for children and refugees.

"It works like this," Alan Rickman's says in the video. "The more views the video gets, the more advertising revenue YouTube will give us. Together, you and this tortoise can make a difference."

Alan Rickman was also an ardent supporter of the Palestinian people’s rights and their struggle for justice. In 2005, he edited and directed the award winning play; My Name is Rachel Corrie, with the help of journalist Katharine Viner. The play is based on the diaries and emails of Rachel Corrie. The focus of the play is around the events leading up to Corrie's death, which her family members and eye witnesses say was an intentional killing and Israel claims was "accidental". 

Rachel Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003) was a young American student, peace activist and member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who travelled to Palestine during the Second Intifada (uprising). She was killed by a Caterpillar D9R armoured bulldozer operated by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) while protesting against the destruction of a Palestinian house by the IDF in the Gaza Strip. An Israeli military investigation ruled the death to be an accident, but the ISM maintains that Corrie was run over deliberately. In 2012 The Haifa District Court ruled in a lawsuit filed by Corrie's parents that her death was an accident. 

Alan Rickman’s political involvements during his life meant he did make a difference. Alan Rickman left behind a legacy of a life well lived. Though his wonderful film roles, caring efforts and projects he lives on. Alan Rickman and Rachel Corrie were both compassionate and righteous people who stand up for just causes. For these reasons, Alan Rickman’s important contributions to the liberation of Palestine and work to help other deprived people will never be forgotten. He will be remembered and will live on in our hearts. Thanks and RIP Alan Rickman.

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  1. I do not know much about Alan Rickman's political activity but considering what a great actor he was I'm not surprised. He will be sadly missed and like Bowie has left this world a poorer place.