Zionist Zeal and Islamic Extremism

Frank O'Brien with his views on a way out of the morass currently drawing more forces into violent conflict. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

On both sides of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict, mainly the Israeli, there have been senseless acts of violence, so it is time that the world demand a sit down between the two to work out their differences. There are American think tank papers that speak of a greater Israel, so we need to curb any thought of allowing such plans effecting foreign policy. Uncle Sam's position should not be effected by Jewish lobbying unless by peaceful groups, and even then allowing other peaceful lobbying.

To be fair it is not only Israel, but their big daddy Uncle Sam, and NATO allies that need to rethink their approach to the Islamic world, opening more dialogues to better understand their world view and desires. Seeing how we have a tinder box in the Middle East right now, we must tread lightly so as not to fan flames, and start new wild fires. We have help from part of the Islamic world, as could be expected, from secular, not unenlightened regimes and parliaments. We need to earn this respect and trust by not allowing Israel and Saudi Arabia to promote violence or imperialism, which we could learn a lesson or two about.

We must learn to cooperate together, and tell Turkey to have no ties to Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and to work with Russia to curb opposition to Syria's Al-Assad, and possibly bring democracy to Syria, and Lebanon, which are now Balkanized. We must decentralize mainstream media, making it impossible for political types to influence them, basically making it a fair, and balanced, which includes the not so balanced and unfair Fox News. We need a return to a world where violence is less the resort to conflict resolution, but where tolerant and acceptant discourse reigns supreme.

Though if a government is fascist in essence, it can be met with a Guy Fawkes response, but where civilians are not targeted, or ever allowed to be, and where extremism of any kind is mitigated by shaming any that is hateful or denigrating. This goes for all sides, whose first responsibility is dismantle Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and any other opposition group causing violence in Syria, Iraq and Sinai.

Squarely thinking and talking things out, with thinking out side the box should be encouraged, leaving out billionaire influenced NGOs[Non-Govermental Organizations] and Zionist and Islamic extremism. To be truthful about American involvement with building up Daesh/ISIS/ISIL should be top of any agenda, with admissions of collusion between Erdogan, his son and the Islamic State. Russia and Iran should be included in negotiations and moves to obliterate Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and this posturing nonsense pushed aside, with forced constructive conflict resolution measures used to bring everyone to the table, calling another G20 if necessary. Gun boat diplomacy does no one any good, unless aimed at Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, also, extremist Zionism should be curbed besides any Wahhabism and other extremism.

Prince Bandar Bush should be called out for his collusion with Israel in bringing about unnecessary violence in the Middle East. Jordan is about the only one that I hear no bad about that much, so possibly peace talks could be held there. A mutually respectful agreement should be worked out between Israel and its neighbors, along with peaceful exchanges between Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths, which naturally make up the same region.

This whole thing between Turkey and Russia has the makings of starting a new world war, so active participation amongst online factions is encouraged, pushing all active participants to talk and reach a strong accord which shall not be broken. All sides want to do different things, and have hidden agendas, so all the cards should be laid out on the table, stitching together a mutually agreed set of moves, and move towards transparency in all negotiations.

Mob violence should not be allowed if talks can better, obviously, take care of disagreements and differences that cause tension which unfortunately has been the strategy of certain players. All participants need government reform, and the Republican Party in the USA should shamed into submission, and allowing less abrasive conservatives to participate in the political process. Democratic voters should as well enter into an era of allowing other neo-liberal, and traditional liberal groups to participate in the political process, besides independents, constitutionalists and other diverse political groups.

The U.K. and other monarchs should be disenfranchised, and not allowed any participation in national politics, or foreign too. All countries should adopt governments which best serve their purposes in having an agreed upon government, and channels and courts to decide disputes. All economies should include those disabled enough not to work, so higher subsidies should come for providing for social security, and everyone should have a home. Marxists, Capitalists and others should work out fair economic trade, and structuring of allowing for the lowest to be risen up to a good salary.

To put it in a street slang version, common to Lansingburgh and South Albany here, nobody should be anybody else's bitch. Just because your rich, you shouldn't be treated any differently then anybody else. Hippies, Beat and Yippies should work together to reform politics like they did in the 1960s, having love ins and peaceful protests. Religious groups should respect one another, and have joint partnerships to provide gaps for differences. Groups like ANONYMOUS can provide deterrents against big brother, and the communities around the world should dismantle any parts of big brother unfair to any citizens.

Constructive relations in a diplomatic way is the best way for nations and conflict resolution.

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