West Belfast Opposes Political Policing

West Belfast Opposes Political Policing is a new body whose purpose is to expose the political policing that continues to be a central future of Britain's Northern state.

West Belfast Opposes Political Policing is a group of Political, Community and Human Rights activists, with various affiliations and none. We strive to work together and highlight one issue - the ongoing policy of British Political Policing in our area.

The group is non-political party aligned and is open to anyone willing to demonstrate opposition to the normalisation policy being pursued in relation to the MI5-directed PSNI by constitutional nationalists and/or others.

Over the last number of months many areas throughout the Occupied Six Counties have borne the brunt of oppression by Stormont and British Government policy. This has resulted in a stark increase of repressive tactics that are designed to intimidate, harass and silence voices of political dissent.

Community activists attempt to build strong vibrant communities through dissemination of information and literature, empowering communities to make informed decisions to better every aspect of their lives. The response of the State is to harass and intimidate them, in a futile policy of repression.

We have planned a number of events to highlight and challenge political policing in a peaceful and radical fashion in West Belfast, as well as supporting other like minded groups throughout the city and further afield.

We will start by holding a protest on Saturday 12th December at the entrance of Grosvenor PSNI Barracks at 1pm. We encourage all to stand united and oppose continuing British political policing in our communities.

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