True Republicans Should Be Asking Questions

In his latest letter Daniel Bradley raises concerns about MI5 and MI6 murderous manipulation of the peace process. Daniel Bradley is a Derry justice campaigner.

Now that we are aware that the Provisional IRA army has not gone away, maybe the families of the fallen volunteers should be asking questions.

Actions speak louder than words and certain people in the Provisional organisation are now in positions that I believe MI5 and MI6 have put them in. In the secret papers that I received, they talk about peace and reconciliation right back to the 1970s and these talks that went on, even went on after Bloody Sunday and Operation Motorman.

But as I said actions speak louder than words. Let me bring this to your attention: those volunteers who went against the peace process were murdered by the British forces. See "the shoot to kill policy" and if you don't believe me why don't you check the library. The volunteers from the Provisional IRA and others who were murdered in the 1980's - now wait for it in the 1990s UVF and UDA volunteers that went against the peace process were murdered and also put out of Northern Ireland. So tell me, is that a coincidence or fact? Well I put it down to MI5 and MI6 intelligence. So therefore I would say to the real republicans who are not lead by MI5 would answer the questions that I am asking in the last few letters.


  1. A question, If the people who were 'murdered' were against 'peace' does the ends justify the means?

    Please no rabid sectarian tribal rubbish in response, I mean no offense.

  2. Steve,

    given that murder would be against the peace whether those murdered were against the peace or not, the short answer is no. There is no peaceful way to murder a person.

  3. Steve

    In addition to what AM has said. I think what Dominic is getting at is that, not so much that people were murdered or expelled for being against peace, but because they were an inconvenience to those who murdered them.

  4. Steve Ricardos ....

    A question, If the people who were 'murdered' were against 'peace' does the ends justify the means?

    Short answer is no.

  5. AM,

    I'm not referring to the act, more the end product as cold as that sounds.


    My apologies, I'm not sure exactly what you mean?

  6. Steve,

    I prefer the Liberal principle that process justifies outcome rather than the consequentialist one of outcome justifies process. The latter is more open to abuse and is loved by ideologues of whatever totalitarian hue.