Tilting At Windmills

Frank O'Brien calls for a true democracy in the US. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

After just seeing the first episode "The Lone Gunmen," in which an airliner is being remotely controlled by a government flunky, aiming to crash it into the World Trade Center, I'm convinced this was a case of predictive programming, it being too close to the actual 9/11 attacks to be a coincidence.

It might, like with Stanley Kubrick, be a case of an insider trying to warn us of an impending disaster before it happens, hoping we the people might keep it from happening. Though Stanley Kubrick wasn't so much warning us like this, he is a good example of a person on the inside track trying to give us wisdom from within.

It might go to prove that there are at least two competing factions in the Oligarchy, one dead set against the fascist tendencies of the globalists, who want to realize the dream of total control through a one world government, and a select honest patriotic few who know of their plans, and try their best to combat it via whatever means available, like the use of a TV series episode.

The evidence from the various Truth Movement, and ALT media sources points clearly to 9/11 having been an inside job, with the money trail alone pointing to inside knowledge of what was going to happen on that dark day. Since 9/11, our government and the public have been 'tilting at windmills,' or in other words, they've been going after imaginary enemies, when the real perpetrator of the attacks was a secret cabal on the inside of the US government.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, there were no major enemies any more, so one had to be manufactured in order for the globalists to realize their eventual total take over. Al Qaeda was a creation of the CIA/Saudi royal money meant to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, which after the Soviets were driven out, became a creature of its own, though still having its strings pulled by the CIA minions, who were setting it up for a fall to further secret foreign policy objectives. Once the Soviets were kicked out of Afghanistan, the Taliban began to slowly take control of the country, eradicating the opium production, which had been covertly used by American intelligence to fund their black budget covert operations.

So the 9/11 attacks were also meant to provide an excuse to invade, and occupy Afghanistan, and bring back the opium production, which now has peaked once again, giving billions to the American covert operators, working outside of international laws, doing coup d'etats in Egypt, Libya and other countries near the Middle Eastern corridor.

Some of this unaccounted for money, and private funds from, for example George Soros, was what funded the coup d'etat in Kiev, making it a very pro-Western government. Fortunately Vladimir Putin saw the writing on the wall, and sent troops in to take the Crimea away from the Ukraine, thereby making sure their strategic military base on the Black Sea remained in operation.

According to former Gen. Wesley Clark, he heard that the Pentagon had a plan to overthrow certain regimes in the Middle East, in order to redraw the whole region, no doubt having help, and money for it from Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and a few other Gulf allies. Part of the plan was to create and build up an extremist Sunni sect that would act to cause chaos, feeding into the 'strategy of tension,' which is part of the plan to rewrite the whole region.

Unfortunately for Saudi Arabia and Turkey, it looks like their loyalty is to be repaid by their being put on the menu for this rebooting agenda. If smart, they will boost their own security to defend against attempted coups within their own countries.

Meanwhile at home in the States, the secret cabal has been manipulating the public with their straw man candidates, both Republican and Democrat, coordinating and controlling the public debate on all manner of issues, being backed up by the corporate controlled mainstream media.

Donald Trump, or as he goes by, 'The Donald,' is using both a lot of his own millions, and surprisingly small contributions from right wing, yet average citizens, to stay on top, tweeting incessantly to keep up his top dog position in the polls. He is looking like the heir apparent to the Obama regime, his views and plans are highly disturbing, which he no doubt will push through if once in office.

These distractions from more important issues, like taking back our government from the neocon globalists who hijacked it on 9/11, need to be ignored, even with their being media driven by the corporate mainstream. Surveys show that more and more people have tuned out watching the mainstream media, preferring alternative sources for the news, and information gathering.

So with this surge in independent mindedness, critical thinking, coming from a sizable minority of the American population, eventually political action can be had via protests, and campaigns aimed at deflating the power and influence of the secret, or not so secret elitist cabal. A study by the mainstream political science departments of Princeton and Northwestern universities concluded that the US represents the interests of the rich and powerful, rather than the majority of the country's citizens.

We, the mostly average income, to lower classes, and homeless are disenfranchised by the system, having a government that really only has a veneer of democracy. As Noam Chomsky says on Abby Martin's 'The Empire Files,' the US is a plutocracy with democratic forms. 158 families are funding up to half of the 2016 election campaigns, and since the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Citizens United, Super PACs[political action committees] are used by elite interests to funnel money to particular candidates, in effect buying control of our government.

During the neoliberal political period financial institutions have made tons of money, with the unwritten rule that if any of them fail, they'll be bailed out by way of the tax payer dollars. After the real estate bubble burst in 2008, and major financial institutions were failing, they got unprecedented support and bail outs from the government, with barely any strings attached, ergo little oversight.

The irregular form of supposed free market capitalism is propped up by tax payer dollars via substantial subsidies to large corporations, even if there is economic collapse. Their subsidies each year are in the trillions of dollars, giving them unequaled control of the government through their support of political candidates, and already elected politicians. This literal predatory capitalism has been slowly leading to huge concentrations of wealth amongst a select few, and in corporate monopolies that run both the government, and foreign policy.

So in conclusion this whole War on Terror is equal to the old Don Quixote syndrome, even if Daesh/ISIS/ISIL are right now an immediate threat, they are still supervised by their black ops masters in the Western governments. We therefore have a two prong war to fight, needing to wipe out both these threats to real and true democracy, as opposed to the fake version we currently have.


  1. That is an excellent read but one thing worth touching on is that the hijacking of the US political apparatus long predates 9/11 - which, whether an inside job or not, was used to ramp up and prosecute the neocon foreign policy strategy which Clarke alluded to, this so-called 'Project for a New American Century'. Why was John Kennedy murdered and by whom? All of this goes at least as far back as that grim day in Dallas and Kennedy was quite obviously the last true American President. Those who have followed have either been of the machine or aware of the machine's power (if they could take out Kennedy they could take out anyone, best to do as bid). Eisenhower, in his farewell address, forewarned the rise of unelected and undemocratic power in the form of a 'military-industrial complex'. This same military-industrial complex is more powerful now than ever, having used the last 50 years to embed itself within a global paradigm of perpetual war. and that is the true purpose of terror - which the state itself creates. To give the pretext for perpetual, unending war and the military spend which accompanies it. Smedley Butler said, 'war is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small 'inside' group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.' And so it continues...

  2. bres, a lot of it goes back to the day before yesterday, one hundred and two years ago, signing of federal reserve act- i read somewhere nearly everyone was on christmas break and thats how the act was passed with only a handful of bought gimps there. today is the day He who ran the money lenders from the temple was born in a stable with the lowly cow and donkey. They are the same crowd that are in it now and in the last 100 years they have turned his day into an orgy of greed and mindless consumerism via the evil santa claus, ie, satan lucas. fair play to the guy who wrote this but saying it was an inside job is a bit wishy washy. it was the ZIONIST banking/military/industrial/pharmaceutical/media/education complex scum who did this, diabolical scum of the earth, theyve been at it for centuries. Praise the infant in the manger. Love and Truth. Peace.

  3. Spot on grouch a chara, it certainly does go well back before Kennedy but he was killed for trying to confront their influence over the US political and economic system, his death paving the way for the utter corruption that was to follow, from Vietnam to Central America to 9/11 and the Middle East today. Some assert that Lincoln was killed by the same forces and towards the same end but the words of one of their own can give us the necessary insight without resorting to what some might dismiss as conspiracy theory: 'give me control of a nation's money supply and I care not who writes her laws'. Within the same is the genesis of modern corporate fascism which is the ideology of the reigning world order. Christmas Tidings to you and yours a chara and may the true message of Christ reach into the hearts of all and end this madness

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