The Erdogans Must Go ... But America Should Clean House Too

Frank O'Brien thinks the Erdogans in Turkey constitute a danger and need to step aside. He does not think much of American foreign policy either. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

Recep Erdogan is and has acted as only a dictator would since getting into power, with his downing of a Russian jet being a symptom of his lunacy.

Then you have his son, Necmettin Bilal, who has been not so secretly, and arrogantly, selling smuggled oil from Daesh/ISIS/ISIL. Basically like any normal dictator, Recep has made his regime a family business, basically the Sopranos Turkish dictator style.

If we are to accept Turkey in the dysfunctional at best NATO family, they need to be made to follow certain rules, one being to not be trading with the Enemy. The Bush family here in America did the same thing during WWII, and only got a slap on the wrist.

NATO likely haven't gone after Erdogan since they themselves were the ones, along with Uncle Sam, who built up and trained Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and no doubt are secretly still dealing with them, just as they did with terrorists during GLADIO and now GLADIO B. The world community should be focusing all their attention on these issues in the fight against Daesh/ISIS/ISIL if they want to be going after the Great Oz behind the curtain.

While we're at it, the last of Prof. Leo Strauss's Neocons should be run out of Washington, DC since they have been the ones behind Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and also Al Qaeda, having built them up for their "Strategy of Tension," which was intended to foster discontent and uprisings in the Middle East, so as to be able to rebuild it afterward, once they got their regime changes. This has been the same foreign policy under both W's regime, and Obama's, which to the educated eye demonstrates that it doesn't and hasn't mattered whether a Democrat or Republican was in the Oval Office.

The whole Beltway political thinking of Washington, DC has been out of touch with most Americans ever since the Reagan era first reared its head, since if most Americans had known about the October Surprise, the arms dealing with Iran, and the arming of the Contras in contradiction of legislation, oh, and not to forget, the drug smuggling that Reagan's Neoconservatives had protected, most Americans would have called for Congressional hearings, and investigations by the FBI.

To show how it is all one big party, Clinton continued the criminality once in the Oval Office, and he was well protected by cronies in the Justice Department, and other branches of the Government. The whole Dick Nixon era basically continued after the Jimmy Carter interruption, seeing how Jimmy wasn't a flunkie, and has continued under all the Administrations since, since everyone since then could be counted on to be Yes men.

Turkey, after showing all of this about the American Administration, looks like it is merely following in the shoes of its Big Brother[pun intended]. So, to be fair, America itself needs a house cleaning, and by straight shooters in the FBI, and Justice Department, who would be appointed for their honesty, and reputation for being honorable men, their appointment coming from the American people. It should be better than the independent prosecutor, like Ken Starr, and be a citizen's committee at large that coordinates how many prosecutors to bring in, and THE PEOPLE's people should have unfettered access to whomever, or whatever, without the goons in power now being able to use the trump card, national security, as a means of hiding criminality.

So many Neocons have been tied to 9/11, and the Oklahoma City bombing, besides agents of the FBI and ATF, that only a fair, and "trusted to do the job right the first time" bunch ought to be in charge of the prosecution.

The web of intrigue and double dealing that reporters like Gary Webb unearthed, showing that drug smuggling has continued since at least Vietnam, with Uncle Sam protecting IT'S drug smugglers, should be once and for all time, rooted out, and prosecuted. All those having been involved, whether president, or government functionary, need to be looked at, with witnesses given protection, since these kinds of people no doubt would try to silence any one speaking out against them in a court of law. Only a fair and honest judge should be appointed to judge the case, say given a thumbs up by the Truth Movement, since they have been the honest brokers about the real truth behind 9/11.

The likeliest of places to start in any investigation would be 9/11, seconded by the OKC bombing and the perennial drug smuggling and selling, with then the still not adjudicated "Franklin Scandal." Again the history shows that when the rats are cornered they pull out all the stops, including manipulation of the mass media. These are entrenched and nasty people who still hold power, so a revolution of a kind might need to be, if honest, decent people are to take back the power from these Machiavellian shadow masters, who have been in the Oval Office, or protected by one of the "front" guys.

The recent Jeffrey Epstein, and Jerry Sandusky paedophilia cases are the tip of a big iceberg, since one can reach back to the "Franklin Scandal" to show how every so often these crimes by the elite are almost always swept under the rug. The documentary "Conspiracy of Silence," done by a bunch of very, very good British newsmen, got buried at first, the rights to it having been bought out by one of the perpetrators. This documentary, which covered the "Franklin Scandal" very well, finally reached the American audience vis-a-vis the early YouTube, so it proves that the truth does sometimes win out in the end.

America isn't the only home of high level political paedophilia, since Britain has the Jimmy Savile, and the Kincora Boys' Home scandals, along with a few others that didn't make the press, but reach back to the early 1980s. In Belgium you had the Mark Dutroux affair, which turned out to be tied to a lot of powerful people, in both politics and royalty. Naturally the investigation was covered up in a not so out of the public eye way, probably to send the message that some are more equal than others. Here in America in the late 1980s you had the Presidio child molestation scandal, which got dismissed in the mainstream press as one part of, what was called, the day-care abuse hysteria.

Strangely Satanism creeped in as one of the indicators in many cases back then, which is likely why the corporate press dismissed it as hysteria. For a short period law enforcement were on the side of every day people, but through the efforts of the FBI, any cases involving ritualistic aspects were wrongly discredited and supposedly proven wrong. The simple fact is that once you do an indepth investigation of similar cases, in all countries, Satanic ritual abuse rears its nasty, and creepy head. Are some of our leaders and stewards of industry secret Satanists, besides being sickening pedophiles? Upon close examination this is what any investigator comes up with, so it definitely raises the hair on the back of your neck. Then when you look at the drug smuggling by the CIA, which is protected by both them and the DEA, you realize the psychotic nature of a lot of the people at the top. This is what is called colloquially as a kakocracy, which is rule by the very worst, which can include psychotics and pedophiles.

The Corbett Report has done an outstanding job in researching these topics, including the drug smuggling[like in Mena, Arkansas], and I highly recommend that people go there to research these topics, for it'll open up your mind to a world that seems like a really scary horror film.

While on these topics, Turkey, our earlier example has had all of this, plus the state sponsored terrorism. As a 20th century mobster said about JFK, you are better off cutting off the head, thereby rendering the beast dead in every sense. None of these cases are in the realm of "conspiracy theory" since hard evidence exists in each of them, and to quote from criminal law, conspiracy is a crime under the law. They merely get covered up when you have undo influence over authorities and the dinosaur mainstream press, besides a public that has Attention Deficit Disorder, and who are victims of a "dumbed down" educational system. People are truly amazed, once enlightened, at how they have had the wool pulled over their eyes. So the sooner you get educated, the sooner you'll want to pass along what you've learned, and its the Satanic gift that keeps giving, since there seem to be no end of these cases, like the Dennis Hastert one, which includes corruption besides paedophilia.

We should focus less on the Republican primaries, and instead should be marching on our state houses and city halls, and Congress and Senate, demanding answers, and demanding to be in charge of any future investigations, which the rich, and powerful could bury or interfere with, even influencing its coverage in the corporate 'bought out' dinosaur mainstream press. Only a top to bottom house cleaning can hope to save our nation, and other so-called Western democracies. Otherwise get strapped in for another 4 years of the same old, same old kakocracy.

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