Sheep In A Banana Republic

Frank O'Brien objects to attempts to control the US gun lobby, seeing them as undemocratic and anti-liberal. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

This whole year has had more mass shootings than any other year on record, and something bad just smells about it. "Controlled chaos" is what I used to call it, besides the urban poor I lived with in South Albany, where "drive bys" are a fact of life. These guns come from the thriving black market, which not so ironically is nonetheless tracked by our Big Brother government.

To blame the legal gun owners in America for gun outrages is stupid knee jerk politics at best, and not so cloaked efforts to disarm the Republic at worst. The reality is that Federal and State laws are the most conservative that they can be without their being draconian like in the UK. There have been reams of evidence demonstrating how the governments of the world have been using the War on Terror to deliberately scare their populaces into submission. Its elementary, and typical of governments, when facing rough economic times, to quiet down the population through orchestrated outrages, and rumors of terrorism in the homeland.

Europe which had escaped this trend for a time now is dead center in an effort to strip Europeans of rights that used to make them the place that civilized foreigners wanted to live. It seems now with this San Bernardino mass shooting pysop, a new era may soon be coming to your door in the home of Uncle Sam. Even if this mass shooting can be spun as truly a bunch of lone nut jobs, disgruntled employees, who were psychotic enough to take out a bunch of innocents, it still makes little sense when compared to the 355 other mass shootings this year.

Dave McGowan, the author of "Programmed to Kill," already has shown how there have been mysterious connections between the government and military, and lone nut jobs going back decades. It has been shown to be a psyop, done on purpose to elicit the Pavlov dog response to get Americans to give up their Constitutional right to bear arms. It was the founding fathers who wanted a armed populace to fight all enemies, foreign and domestic, so its our right to fight any efforts to disarm those of us who qualify to own guns. I don't own guns, but I support the rights of others who can own them to still own them, even in the midst of corporate/government/military effort to take them away.

Obama is just the beginning of the effort to run the National Rifle Association out of town on a rail, though I say "good luck," cause most gun owning Americans might flee into the wilderness in order to resist the quasi-liberal agenda of stripping Americans of their Constitutional rights. And quasi-liberal is the best way to look at it, since neocons also have desired radical legislation to strip us of our Constitutional rights, desiring a police state in which Big Brother has all the guns. Its all a ruse, and a step towards totalitarianism out in the open, rather than the one which has existed behind the scenes since the Patriot Act.

Our government has shown that whether a Democrat, or Republican has been in office, that either one is hardly different than the other, when it comes to matters of increased national security, and desiring reasons to go out on military adventures.

War is a racket as the old saying goes, and the very ones who profit from it remain in power no matter who is in office, and they still populate the think tank, foreign policy formulators who advise the political leadership. The neocons are the domestic enemy that have taken over the running of the country, having helped to neuter most of the liberal opposition, besides the traditional conservatives.

In Ireland it was done from within by Gerry Adams, to Sinn Fein, and the PIRA, homogenizing the group from the center out, selling it out to a politically sold out, and corrupt system.

Tony Blair did the same thing until finally Jeremy Corbyn came along, and now Corbyn has brought back a true liberal party, which had been originally neutered by Blair.

Bernie Sanders also to a great extent represents a more traditional Left leaning political candidate, as opposed to the toe the party line types like Hillary Clinton.

Short of a revolution to overthrow the neocons in Washington, and the similar globalists behind the European GLADIO B agenda, we might be able to get some help from Sanders and Corbyn. It is still part of an orchestrated Hegelian Dialectic, dividing the populace in order to defeat them, and beat them into submission, by looking to turn them on themselves, in fruitless efforts to get the upper hand. Instead conservatives and liberals ought to form a third party, a third force to disrupt politics as usual.

We now live in a world of Internet memes, political spin and wedge issues, so to playing the game better than the enemy is key to defeating the enemy. Using and deconstructing the double speak of our Orwellian opponents is part of the fight which we must win in order to bring real democracy and choice to the sheep of the nations. Wedge issues like gun control are part of the enemy's efforts to neutralize any who might oppose their globalist, police state agenda.

Groups like ANONYMOUS are at the head of the fight to oppose these forces, trying to wake up the populace from their slumber. Posts on social media are a form of cyber leafleting, challenging the popular, corporate controlled dialogue/narrative, and they serve the needed means in defeating the Big Brother jerks who want to control through their fear porn. Snuff films like 9/11 merely were meant to change the world as we knew it, from a fairly stable and free society, to one in which the government, and corporations have the ultimate control.

Make no mistake this whole gun thing is a control thing, driven by 24 hour monologues in the mainstream media to push public opinion in to the trap of giving up all guns. It is the desire to be in CONTROL of YOU that drives the popular narrative, with more terrorist alerts, and lockdowns, having invisible Islamic extremists as the the means to cow your desire to resist. The inevitable is to put you in nice little box, where like a bunch of lab rats you can be made to act on command, and then be anesthetized back into submission through fear, and economic means.

It is because of austerity, and economic policies that favor the corporation, boxing in the worker who has little to no rights, that our economies are headed into a disastrous direction. By letting the corporations send jobs to foreign countries, where they can save money by only paying slave wages, we have allowed a huge drop in economic wellness here at home. Your smart phone, laptop and tablets are now made by exploited Chinese workers who jump to their deaths, trying to escape their miserable jobs and circumstances. In an effort to keep us culled with this whole thing about gun control being the end all of bringing peace and justice is a manufactured mirage, keeping us from looking at the underlying causes of our predicament. Conforming to whatever the party corporate line is, is what the Powers That Shouldn't Be desire, basically making you into malleable muts that can be kept in your place. We are the unwashed masses that the elite desire to control, and keep control of through whatever means is necessary.

Getting control of guns is but part of the process of eliminating any chance that those guns could be used against them. That's why the 355 mass shootings so far this year smack of something orchestrated rather than being some weird social phenomena. Those with eyes to see through the clouds of war, terrorist alerts and mass shootings are our only hope in denying the elite their ultimate desire to corner us, boxing us into a corner where we aren't a threat. Only by combating the mainstream corporate/government narrative, waking people up to understanding how the real bigger world is operating, and is headed, do we have hope of hitting back.

By having as many recruits to oppose the elite is the need, and it is working despite the usual bull that the controlled media spoon feeds us. We have a booming enough ALT media like "Off The Grid" with Jesse Ventura, "Watching the Hawks" with Tyrel Ventura, and Tabetha Wallace, "Buzzsaw" with Sean Stone, "News and Views from the Nefarium" with Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell, and "The Corbett Report" with James Corbett, that we can surround ourselves with media that makes us ask the hard questions.

Calling out the true enemies from within, which is the national security establishment, calls for us all to participate, and not be shy to speak our minds, being heard besides drowning out the rigmarole spouted by the necon globalist war hawks. Only by uniting Left and Right, even if just long enough to wage a campaign against the oligarchs, can we break out, and gain back the upper hand from these overly privileged manipulative elites. All US soldiers take an oath to defend against enemies both foreign and domestic, so the more that soldiers can see the reality of what is really behind the War on Terror, which is a war against everyday people, the more of chance they will join in the fight against the globalist/corporate/fascist regimes.

The Oath Keepers are a good start, since they and certain militias offer resistance to our entering further into an Orwellian/"V for Vendetta" world. Everybody has an opinion on where things should go and be, so we need to join in civilized discourse, deciding amongst ourselves where we can agree, and work out differences. Most in the community agree that disarming the public is not the answer, and that radical top down changes in the government and media are called for soon.

Only from an armed position do we have a chance to resist further erosions of the Constitution, and build back up our Republic to a truly representative democracy. Its was hijacked by the neocons/globalists, and its only clear that it happened just before or after the Vietnam War. Currently it is PNAC[Project for the New American Century] fascists who run the show, having gotten their new Pearl Harbor coup d'etat, and their perennial War on Terror that enriches the coffers of the military / industrial / intelligence establishment.

All the while the rest of us wind up working harder to just make ends meet, and are made too tired to care about where things are headed. If you take away the window dressing we are just a tin pot dictatorship controlled by two political parties, and the billionaire elite. We have no other choice then to resist it, and bring it down, and by whatever means necessary.

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