Secret Sycophants

Frank O'Brien lets fly at plutocracy. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

America's billionaire 1% are on the face of it always trying to look like they are giving back to the 99%, many of themselves coming from meager backgrounds, not having been born into wealth.

But the fact is once you're this wealthy you tend to have a tunnel vision of the world around you, being set above the unwashed masses, changing you into a megalomaniac despite the humble upbringings or origins.

Mark Zuckerberg though coming into his fortune through a desire to connect people, no doubt has changed from the person he used to be because of gaining his wealth. Why not just give away 45 billion, since he is so darn young, and he still has decades to make more billions, which he no doubt will? Also his social psychology perspective has no doubt changed in how he sees the people in the world around him.

We must fear the 1% also since their relationship with the US government, and other world governments has only gotten closer in the last 20 years. With the advent of the Internet, our world changed dramatically, and then after 9/11 our world was forever changed in a different way. The world we exist in today is truly a world of haves and have nots more than decades ago, when technology wasn't needed to accomplish big or small things. Now technology is all pervasive, entering our lives in the most minute ways, and getting to a higher position economically is tied to how savvy you are with technology, and your access to it. Ergo we have the Zuckerbergs of the world who have made monumental leaps in economic prosperity.

Despite his pronounced humanitarian desires to use his 45 billion to give back, his creation has been found out to be tied to intrusive government monitoring of innocent people. This dichotomy of disparity is the problem, as is the insidious relationship between big brother, and the economic giants of industry, and our cyber economy. The ultimate influence that our governments, and the oligarchs have is now almost complete, with their control of the rest of us being as almost complete.

It is back to where Nazi Germany had it, where industry and government are so intertwined that it is difficult to see the difference between them. A large part of it is the always burgeoning military/intelligence/industrial complex, which was downsized during the years after the fall of the Soviet Union, but has rocketed back to where it was during the height of the Reagan/Bush administration, and far more powerful.

With much tied into technology now, an all powerful, and omnipotent government is possible, and is literally here now. You have the billionaire technology glitterati in charge of the tiniest aspects of your life, especially if you use a smart phone, or computer. Intrusive technological manipulation extends to putting out memes like possibly the Occupy Wall Street movement, and an otherwise wonderful group like ANONYMOUS.

Its the Hegelian Dialectic, where you control both sides of an argument, making it look like grassroots political movements are natural, when in fact both sides of a political relationship are being controlled from the start. We must be thinkers, and be critical thinkers, being a little paranoid, and being aware of the things going on around us with an educated eye.

Philanthropic endeavors right now extend to culling, or depleting the world population since the very rich fear an overcrowded world might turn on them. This is a form of eugenics, harking back to the Third Reich, and the notorious necons have been steering Uncle Sam's ship in this kind of direction for decades, through otherwise helpful organizations like Planned Parenthood.

In other countries this is being done through similar organizations, like NGOs[Non-Governmental Organizations] which are controlled by billionaire benefactors, and their partners in government. The main aims in government, and the private sector today are Control and Depopulation.

Through a myriad of efforts, the rich and powerful are working on killing off enough people, through war, famine or plague/pandemics to reach a more manageable number of human sheep. Unions are at an all time low, with most workers find themselves to be under the total control of their employers. Fear of terrorism, and the sandy faced, keffiyeh wearing Islamic extremist bogeymen is how the elite are trying to control the rest of us, all while the elite supply and build up this supposed enemy of the state.

The real terrorists are in our own governments, and amongst us in the form of the super rich who steer the political debate, and decide our elections for us. Make no bones about it, we need to begin fighting the 1% and the neocons who really orchestrated the goings on, on 9/11. Just be super aware of how your political groups, and hacker groups, are moving, and in what direction, since big money could be behind the whole thing.

Wake up others that you know by having them listen to "The Corbett Report," and other ALT media, both Left and Right. It is normal to be both conservative, and liberal at the same time, and not having cognitive dissonance.

A goof like Donald Trump may get into office by bucking the trend of being politically correct, but make no mistake, he doesn't represent change and hope for the rest of us. He is just another of these unapologetic oligarchs who steer the rest of us, manipulating public opinion to meet his own desires. Trump is an economic/political terrorist, looking to bring about a country that is subservient to the corporations.

Bernie Sanders is about the only sane choice right now for US president, as is Jeremy Corbyn the only sane choice for British Prime Minister. If and once we have these two in office, it will be interesting to see if it all winds up being business as usual, or whether the playing field will be levelled back down to us, the people, the 99%. "We The People" as goes the US Constitution is where we need to go and be, reaching back to a level where the government is under the control of us, and not a clique of grandiose autocrats, and their super rich backers.

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