Does Charity Not Start At Home?

Daniel Bradley sees a lack of genuine concern in the Office of The First Minister And Deputy First Minion in respect of the Syrian refugees. Daniel Bradley is a justice campaigner and regular contributor to TPQ.

We have the first and deputy ministers saying that they are bringing refugees to Northern Ireland and I have no problem with that.

But I do have a problem with the homeless and the poor. I myself have got a home like all of you have a home and we are fed and warm.

I would dread to think that I could be homeless, especially now coming up to Christmas.

Now before the refugees were ever mentioned, the homeless and the poor were here in Northern Ireland, broken and lost.

My question to both of them is: could you not see fit to put some money by for these people who walk our streets, as charity should start at home?

It just shows me and maybe others that both ministers are false in their duties to the people of N. Ireland. So maybe its time now for them to find a solution to house our homeless and give them the help that they need.

To the deputy: you are well aware of what it means to be second class and why the Volunteers fell, so maybe you should take a look at what I am saying and do something about it ... as well as helping the refugees.

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