Did MI5 And MI6 Create The Provisional IRA

Daniel Bradley queries the provenance of the Provisional IRA. Daniel Bradley is a Derry justice campaigner. 

One must ask oneself, looking at the outcome of the past in the papers and on the news about informers, especially Scappaticci, if MI5 And MI6 did create the Provisional IRA?

At the age of 16 in 1972 I went looking for my brother's informer who was well up in the organisation, who very cleverly tried to set me up in the Telstar bar. Three days later he got me a bad beating at the back of the Stardust for driving a car without permission.

I will make no comment as to what was in the car, but it would have caused a lot of problems for a lot of people so I took it away. I then joined the Irish army. Again the informer interfered and communicated with MI5 who communicated with the Irish army and told the army that I communicated with the IRA which was lies.

I was sent into a raiding party in Buncrana. I left the Irish army the next day because they had betrayed me. Behold a certain member of the IRA came to my home in Sunbeam Terrace and said that I had to get out of Derry. This was late 1975. I told him to go Fcuk himself.

I went to Creggan that Friday night where I was attacked in the Creggan community centre on the orders of this certain person. But like my brother I stood my ground and proceeded to keep doing what I was doing and keep looking out for my brother's informer.

From 1972 till 1984 I gathered enough information to put a story in the Derry Journal. The informer got scared and to scare me, I believe that they shot Kevin Coyle outside my house in Bishop Street. That did not deter me either. I am still here in Derry. I have not run away.

I have now come to the conclusion that MI5 and MI6 are using Northern Ireland as a scapegoat, as they create organisations and they teach their men how to become good spies and how to make informers like Scappaticci, so that they can send them away well trained to other countries, using their intelligence that they learned through the troubles in N. Ireland.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

9 comments to ''Did MI5 And MI6 Create The Provisional IRA"

  1. I have wondered a similar thing for many years; just not necessarily MI5 or6. Before the Troubles became the Troubles the Brits had already coined the phrase "an acceptible level of violence". That suggests that they may have done risk analysis and prepared margins of tolerance to manitain overall control. It also brings into play one reason why Adams and McGuinness could have been 'assits' and not informers.

  2. It's a mistake to overestimate the competence of British intelligence. it's machiavellian power to channel history is not all it is pumped up to be. When it attempts to play a nudge nudge role by using agents of influence it is only successful if it has history on its side.

    For example the war in the north of Ireland had reached its high point long before the Provos were brought in from the cold, but as is often the way senior British politicians refused to believe what their intel agencies were telling them. This is not unusual, there are examples of this the world over. The most tragic was Stalin refusing to believe Red Army intel supplied by their man Richard Sorge that the Nazi armies were about to invade Russia.

    It was only after Mi5 finally convinced the British government the Provos intention to end their war were genuine that the peace process began at the highest level.

    Informers undoubtedly can be destructive, but unless that wheel of history is favorable they rarely if ever destroy an organisation as well dug in as the Provos. Having said this we are still waiting for a full explanation as to why Scappaticci was left in place for so long.

  3. OR

    The competence of Brit Intel is lower on the scale of what should be of concern, namely, their credibility and penchant to misinform or ignore facts that does not suit their agenda or theories. They would still be using Scappaticci if they could and probably still are with others.

  4. Left in place by provo AC not Brits that is?

  5. "Did MI5 And MI6 Create The Provisional IRA"



    they certainly took over provisional sinn fein.

  6. the state of adams in this photo, i mean for fuck sake like, these freaks took over the movement. scary.

  7. Love the Barbour jackets folks , didn't Richard McCauley have one too , can't tell if big eamonn is wearing me!!

  8. The Brits along with the Americans & Mossad also created al qaeda & ISIS.
    It's all a game to drum up business for the military-industrial complex.

  9. I've been explaining for a long time that the different factions in Northern Ireland were all run by SIS. This came out in the Lord Stevens report which stated that "of the 210 people we [the inquiry team] investigated, only three were not agents".

    A lot of it managed through child sexual abuse blackmail.


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