Desperately Seeking Sanity

Frank O'Brien with a new critique of US foreign policy.  Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

The imperious, neocolonialist and hypocritical American government created our newest threat in their perpetual War on Terror.

So it ultimately carries the blame for all the attacks done so far by Daesh/ISIS/ISIL. Our Homeland Insecurity is but a new version of the Third Reich's SS, having emasculated the Bill of Rights, and US Constitution, trading rights for supposed protection. With Uncle Sam going more towards the Right, there needs to be some kind of opposition to the neocon globalists, who have run rough shod over traditional values, and human rights.

The disingenuous nature of the perpetual War on Terror, having created the very enemies that Uncle Sam proclaims to be fighting now, exposes the big lie for what it really is, a self created excuse to invade, and occupy other countries, and take away civil liberties. The now admitted monumental mistake of invading Iraq which lead to 1,000,000 Iraq civilian deaths, also brought Al Qaeda to this country which had not had them before. This morphed into Daesh/ISIS/ISIL causing the rise of Sunni extremism which had not existed in such large numbers before, and is now threatening the region, and the world in general.

Full of the same old, same old rhetoric, the Obama administration has out gunned even the former Bush administration, using drones to target and assassinate anyone deemed an enemy of the state. With a question mark still hanging over the 9/11 attacks, with plenty of evidence gathered by independent investigative journalists pointing to it being an inside job, many of the families of the killed that day are denied real justice.

Peace can't be had from the point of a gun, with only truth being the way forward in the Left/Right paradigm. Islamophobia is now rampant thanks to US foreign policy coming home to roost in the San Bernardino, yet you hear nothing in the corporate mainstream about supposed Christian mass shooters, or blaming Christianity for their actions. Blatant hypocrisy!

The absolute shame in hearing little opposition to Donald Trump's racist remarks against all Muslims is truly abysmal and sad. There will always be political charlatans like Trump who parrot whatever they think will garner them support, speaking whatever rubbish happens to spring past their addled minds. It is our duty though to defend the rights of everybody in a country that prides itself on its diversity, unless we're seeing a generation that is anything but freedom loving. Perhaps with a section of the American public who would support such a racist, prejudiced dullard like Trump, they deserve to have their rear ends kicked a bit, whether in global war, or in another civil war. Our salvation is that there are still good, fair and balanced enough people, both Left and Right, who may not agree on everything, except that flagrantly, and incendiary political speech is not a help in resolving our problems.

Reaching a compromise in electing the likes of a Bernie Sanders, or God forbid, a Hillary Clinton, as a way forward is possible, even if but to keep the likes of The Donald out of the Oval Office. Speaking out about controversies like 9/11 is important in helping to heal the wounds that still are fresh from both that day, and the financial terrorism of the 2008 economic crash.

Starting fresh though really should include forcing the entry of a third and or a fourth political party, so that divisive politics can be given other alternatives. We need to break the stranglehold that both the Democrats and Republicans have had on our electoral system to the expense of real democracy. Also, the electoral college needs to be disbanded for there to be true and genuine selection of candidates by the public.

With things heating up in the Mid-East between Russia, and Turkey, the US would be best in backing Russia to help heal the wounds caused by the CIA/NATO coup d'etat in the Ukraine. Reigning in the neocons is a must, besides cutting government ties with the notorious Council on Foreign Relations. Perhaps the public in the UK should bring down their monarchy too, since the nasty little Royals stick their noses into politics even though they aren't supposed to. As a wise man once said, "The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men do Nothing," which is truer today than ever before. If America really ever looked into the mirror but for once, rather than covering it up, it'd see all the evil that it has done in name of supposed good.

Genuine patriotism is needed, not blind patriotism! People don't question foreign policy enough in America, being too busy bringing home the bacon. In this presidential election year coming up they need to start, wiping the slate clean, and mending fences. We are a melting pot that should not exclude any, no matter race, religion or anything else. We should celebrate our diversity instead of letting ourselves be torn by the politics of religion and race.

The only wars we should wage are against fat cat crony capitalism, and poverty and homelessness, not some bunch of countries where our military is not welcome. Every bomb we drop, or bullet that we fire only makes more enemies for us, so peace should be given a chance now that war has shown itself to be a failure. For one we have a national debt to pay off, police relations to take care of, and a bevy of other domestic issues needing addressing that are more important than foreign misadventures. If we only spent half of what is spent on the military/industrial/intelligence complex, say on education, health care and remedying poverty, we'd have a lot of problems solved by now.

It shocked me to learn that even Bernie Sanders has voted for military appropriations bills even though he claims to be anti-war, so even he is not the answer to our burgeoning problems. There are more terrorists in world governments than in the Middle East today, from your tin pot dictators to your supposedly democratically elected prime ministers. Since America claims to be the only empire left, it is incumbent upon us to take the lead in reforming our system to better represent the minority besides the majority.

Also, we need to revisit issues like 9/11, calling for a real commission of truth made up of respected researchers who've made headway in getting to the truth about that day. The world changed forever that day alright, but for all the wrong reasons. Watch Abby Martin's 'The Empire Files,' to see how wrong our corporate mainstream press gets it all the time, finding out things about our country that should have us up in arms. If people would only question more the crap that they are fed, besides standing up more for themselves against the Powers That Shouldn't Be, America would better reflect the American dream. This goes for all other countries too, ranging from the parliamentary systems, to the military juntas. We all in this world need some real hope and change, and not from the point of a gun.

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