Church And College

Carrie Twomey has a different view of Jack Dunn from that portrayed in a recent Boston Globe piece. Carrie Twomey established and managed Boston College Subpoena News.

Interesting piece on Jack Dunn: Re: When the truth ends up on an editing room floor, by Kevin Cullen, 22 November 2015.

I can't say that any of it resonates with my experience with him and Boston College. He literally turned his back on me and made me feel worth less than the dirt on his shoe when I attempted to introduce myself at one of our court hearings.

The outright lies he told throughout our case, the danger to our lives he contributed to with his lies, the cavalier disrespect he displayed for my husband and for those who participated in the Belfast Project ... and never once did he ever reach out to speak with us, never once did he seek to clarify anything or ascertain whether anything he was saying was the truth or not.

He was a big part of making the last few years of our lives hell, and it was so needless for him to behave in the manner he, and those he represented at Boston College, did. 

So while it is nice he gets to put his hurt feelings across over his portrayal in Spotlight, from my experience it appears to ring true. It's not a huge leap to see him treating victims of clerical abuse the way he treated us, all in slavish devotion to the institutions and their funders above human decency. It certainly was the way those who involved in the Belfast Project were treated by Dunn and Boston College.

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