Traitors To The Island Of Ireland

Sean Mallory looks at some of the problems that continue to be caused by that pesky thing known as the Easter Rising. Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.

Henry McDonald writing in the Belfast Telegraph, 27/10/2015, proposes reasons as to why the Rising didn’t happen in Ulster. He commented that events should be balanced and not a partisan ode to republicanism.

Just as events around the commemorations of the acts of treason by Unionists, i.e., formation of the UVF and gun running in to Larne, and the signing of the Unionist Covenant was inclusive of all things Irish, Nationalist and Republican. 

He finishes with what he presumes to be an important question for those contemplating the Rising’s legacy – why Dublin back then but not Belfast? The answer Henry being simply that Dublin was the capital of Ireland back then as it is now too!

Ken Wilkinson, spokesperson for the Progressive Unionist Party – Irish News 27/10/2015 - best summed up the true meaning of Unionist/Loyalist ‘cultural respect’ and ‘parity of esteem’ when in response to SFs invite of inclusivity described those who participated in the Rising as nothing less than ‘traitors’. He will be advocating the laying of a wreath at the monument in Dublin to all the British soldiers who died ... either those at the Somme or those fighting against the Rising in Dublin ... he doesn’t specify but quite possibly it will be both.

No doubt he will be most welcomed by Enda Kenny and Micheal Martin who undoubtedly will co-join with Ken and other members of past British murder squads, in their condemnation of Pearse and Connolly’s treacherous actions. All the while bowing obsequiously while beseeching forgiveness from them for the traitors of 1916


  1. I think you mean he's a Tyrone republican rather than a 'Tryone' republican!

  2. Indeed. Thanks for pointing that out