Terror From Within

Frank O'Brien shares his thoughts on the Paris attack. Frank O'Brien is Long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

The Friday the 13th Paris attacks upon closer analysis, after enough time for more details to come out, smells to high heaven of some government involvement, or some kind of inside track, that if it wasn't state sponsored collusion, might even been known about ahead of time, but allowed to go ahead.

Even seasoned reporters, who covered it in Paris, though not surprisingly not wanting to go on record, said that the scenes of police, and of the areas attacked, looked all wrong to them, pointing to something being afoot. To be sure, now it is clear that there were some genuine attacks by perpetrators who were apparently sleeper cells, but the invisible hand of a rising big brother also showed signs of its presence. Daring to go on record in France now, questioning the narrative, can get you fired from jobs, can get you threatened, and of course attention by big brother.

Not surprisingly the very day of the attacks, terror drills were happening, just like the ones that mysteriously were going on during 9/11. With a lapdog corporatized news media it is no wonder that people act as sheep, watching the fear porno about the whole monumental thing. Unenlightened regular people, besides the usual gaggle of official flunkies, try labeling those who have questioned this whole war on terror as "conspiracy theorists," but it should be remembered that conspiracy is an actual category of crime on the law books.

We live in a world where the standard of living has fallen dramatically for the once well off, and increasingly governments are getting nervous about popular opinion swimming against them, besides towards the Donald Trumps of the world. In Belgium, where the latest fear is being whipped up daily, the security forces there haven't the best reputation to begin with, which is surprising since the European Union is headquartered there.

Time will tell, but there might be another one or more attacks, but this is or should be severely lessened now that security and intelligence agencies around Europe are not only on high alert, but looking under every suspicious pin cushion. The ones we should be truly afraid of are the nut jobs in power, and the same such who have all the money.

A lot of people, including once myself, make the error of longing for a fabled old days when investigative reporting was represented by the Edward R. Murrow's of the world. Sadly there never really was such a time as analysis of the past would show, though it certainly was more difficult to cover-up some dirty little secrets. With most mass media owned by only a few companies, the party line dictates whether politically inconvenient, explosive material ever reaches the average person, which it almost always never does.

The war on terror simply is low intensity war against the individual, dressed up to appear as if it were something else. Thankfully we have a good number of independent journalists in the ALT news media, and if you haven't already done so, you should make it a habit of going to at least a few on a regular basis.

Once news networks like Russia today seemed like they would replace the dinosaur mainstream news media, but only now and again now do they live up to their former stellar reputation. The day after the Paris attacks, RT did present a good commentator on the events unfolding, so they still haven't completely lost the old magic. As more information comes out on the horrific attacks in Paris, it is up to you to educate yourself on the truths said within this op/ed, for otherwise you'll surely wake up in an Orwellian world soon enough, finally aware of the bigger agendas going on or not.

The government, and mass media want you docile, which is to say not politically active, nor demonstrating against other issues, especially of the social justice kind. They don't want you to know the truth, not because you couldn't handle it, but because it might make you rebellious and not subservient. Without unions, many employed people fear the welfare of the jobs disappearing from getting fired from being politically active. This is one good reason why we need a new social order which respects the worker, putting the onus on the employers out there. Too many jobs have been sent to cheap labor countries, yet not enough about it is talked about and debated, though for a short time, years ago, it was.

One has to be brave to stand up to the establishment, not selling out to it like so many hippies did in the 1970s. Terror is a useful device to keep a population in order, being too much in fear to question what is presented as fact. After the revelations of government lying after the Iraq invasion you'd think we'd have learned our lesson, but perhaps we still haven't matured enough yet to learn to question more.

Critical or intellectual thinking helps develop the skills needed to grow into a good consumer who is more than just buying stuff. Whether you live in Islamabad or New York City, the same skill set is required, for very similar reasons. So as the days continue to turn into weeks, and months, brush off the dust from your brain, encouraging others to do the same, and look at awful things like what happened in Paris with a more skeptical mind.

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