Seán Heuston Society Monthly Public Talk Tomorrow Evening In Smithfield

The 1916 Societies with news of a talk tomorrow in Dublin. 

The Seán Heuston Society Dublin are holding their monthly public talk in the Cobblestone Pub, in Dublin’s Smithfield area, this Saturday at 5pm. The talk is to be given by the authors of ‘When the Clock Struck in 1916’, Derek Molyneux and Darren Kelly.

The talk, as in their book, is about the close-quarter combat that took place in the Easter Rising itself. Both authors will give a talk on the subject with a question and answer session to follow.

All welcome. For more information contact the Seán Heuston Society on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively you can get in touch through this site.


  1. I shared a panel last night with Derek Molyneux - a rapid fire, engaging, military historian, whose mind is packed with rich gems of detail and insight. Well worth going alone for anyone who wants the history of the Rising brought to life and the weaving of the everyday people into the general tapestry of the history.

  2. Good stuff Tony, good to see you keeping active!