Rowling In The Shekels

Sean Mallory shifts his gaze across to the "Mainland". Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.

Meanwhile across the water on the "mainland" of Britain, JK Rowling and chums penned their names to a letter calling, not for a boycott of Israeli goods but for ‘cultural engagement’ to stop the Israeli genocidal neo-Nazi violence against the Palestinians.

A call that is ineffective and cowardly in that it proposes to divert away from the reality of what is happening and deny the truth of occupation. Rowling and her namby-pamby chums should be ashamed of themselves or let’s hope simply ignored. Book sales have more value than Palestinian lives!

Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz of Suadi Arabia, scathing not from the cancelled contract of training prison staff in the Gulf State – as to why they need training and for what purpose is anybody’s guess! – but on how Saudi Arabia is being vilified by the British media. Vilification that points out the continuing terrible human rights abuses of his State and not just within this State either but its continuing bombing of Yemen.

Warning Britain, the Prince stated that Saudi Arabia would not be "lectured to" and demanded respect for its strict system of Sharia law. Otherwise, much to Cameron’s horror, trade deals, fully acceptable and justifiable to Cameron et al, would require a rethink. Corbyn, singled out as a potential trouble maker by the Prince and dutifully given a good tongue lashing and much to Corbyn’s relief instead of the usual physical rod lashing. 

As with Saudi Arabia, Cameron continued on soldiering for Britain by selling its ability to produce its own nuclear power source to China and whilst in the midst of the billion pound negotiations also like with Saudi Arabia, meekly mentioned China’s appalling human rights record. Something that could be described as crass hypocrisy when we consider Britain’s own human rights abuses, both past and present, especially ‘past’ in China!

Speaking of human rights abusers and idiots, the Israeli Netanyahu has made an attempt to re-write the history of the Nazi’s and their decision to exterminate the Jews and a few others that we never really hear much about.

By claiming that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, talked Hitler (who let’s be honest, was as disturbed as Netanhayu is) in to exterminating the Jews of Europe and anywhere else they dwelled. A view wildly rejected by all sane people in the world with the exception of those of the 37th World Zionist Congress where he made the claim. This type of claim sort of throws in to proper perspective the 20+ standing ovations Netanyahu received when he spoke to the US Congress without Obama’s blessing earlier this year. 

And so, as the Irish nation in commemorating their history now defined by Britain will be made to apologise to her former British masters for their treacherous actions while their master was busy in Europe on another campaign. As Unionism continues to castigate Irish people for commemorating history not written by them, as Cameron continues to sell Britain to the highest bidder irrespective of what ideology they follow and its consequences for free thinkers, and as do-gooders Rowling and chums continue to twist reality just like her books, we can rest assured that as the Palestinian youth run dry of rocks they can always demonstrate their defiance, not with fists held high, but with hands clasped around copies of Harry Potter books instead.

That should strike fear in to the Israelis and keep Rowling happy!

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