Pack Up Your Troubles ...

Sean Mallory gives out some advice to advice to those experiencing a turbulent flight with the DUP. Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.
  •  Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile......

Shortly after the announcement of the Fresh Start agreement, P Robinson, leader of the DUP, finally made public his upcoming resignation. More choice of a dignified jump rather than a treacherous and humiliating push: such as that inflicted by his own hands on his old mentor of many decades and founder father of the DUP, Ian Paisley. 

Another bigot and racist to experience a similar fate was former member of the UDR, Ruth Patterson. Whose 91 year old mother hailing from Dungannon and a founding member of the DUP and current party member and is most likely hanging on for dear life through her desire for Her Royal Majesty’s 100 year telegram, attempted to console Ruth but failed miserably ... 17 years of hard learned bigotry washed down the toilet and it is hard to console!

Still reeling from being side-stepped by the more eloquent Ms Pengelly, Ruth had a sponge soaked in vinegar trust in to her mouth by being similarly dispatched from the DUP as Ian Sr and by the same treacherous hand.

She described her letter of expulsion as kick-in-the-stomach after years of loyal servitude but that she had no regrets over her attacks on the party’s acceptance of the Fresh Start agreement and allowing the IRA to sit in government at Stormont. And she warned the DUP that she wouldn't be scared of challenging Emma Pengelly, her arch nemesis, at the polls in May. 

Expelling her, the DUP leadership accused her of "bringing the party into disrepute". Who would have believed that that could actually be possible! 

Patterson went on to describe the accusation as ridiculous (which she has my support on) and stated, "People want politicians who are open, honest and accountable. In that regard, they know they can trust me."

(I withdrew my support after that one).

Ruth for her part should always recall the words of Paul Berry in reference to Iris’s dalliance with a lock keeper somewhat her junior in years ... junior in years to even Iris’ own children! Berry once hailed as an up and coming future leader and youngest ever MLA, like Patterson, suffered the indignation of party expulsion, many years before. Berry was unceremoniously dumped out the party by Ian Sr and P Robinson for meeting and having an association with a man who practices sodomy, in an hotel room under a false name.

‘It has always been the case with the DUP that if someone was going to do harm to the party vote they would be removed....’ 

Speaking of ‘Ians’, Ian Paisley Jr, is to make a donation to a cancer charity as part of a settlement reached in defamation proceedings brought by Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson and was settled out of court. Unfazed by donating to the Pink Ladies cancer charity in Derry, Ian was buoyed by the public knowledge that Peter ‘Iscariot’ Robinson was retiring/resigning/leaving!

Not one to avoid the rules of engagement that such news brings, Ian congratulated Peter after his valedictory speech with a robust and hearty handshake that rattled approximately 30 pieces of silver in Peter’s pocket. With a huge grin of delight but with eyes afire with cold vengeance that sent a message to Robinson et al.

‘Don’t you ever think for one minute that you can fuck with the Paisley’s and get away with it, mate!’

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