Mud Slide

Sean Mallory sees something of the glam rock group Mud, in the Shenanigans of the DUP.  Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.

♫ I said a hey you guys
Look who's awaitin' outside
And then the cat crept in
and crept out again ♫

NAMA and its nefarious dealings involving Robinson was quickly fully supplanted by the publication of the delayed security report into paramilitarism within the political environment of the British State of Northern Ireland.

The report confirmed the views of both Bobby Storey and Simon Hamilton, reassured Robinson, justified Nesbitt, sobered McDonnell, self-satisfied McGuinness and did something to Ford but we’re not exactly sure what, although Alliance’s Trevor Lunn MLA said:

Unionist parties, meanwhile, need to seriously reflect on the findings around loyalist paramilitaries. How can they justify sitting on the Camp Twaddell committee and participating in a unionist forum with a graduated response when their colleagues are extensively involved in crime?"

...never mind the SDLP, maybe it’s time for an Alliance leadership challenge!

Storey’s, aptly used and bewildering metaphor of grubs turning in to butterflies and flying away and another, not immediately recognisable to the public metaphor, by Hamilton of a grub turning in to a wasp that refuses to fly away and retains its sting in case of danger ..... danger such as Kevin McGuigan. A murder that having served its purpose for politicos of varying hues of Orange and Green is now best forgotten or swept aside.

A report that simultaneously justified Nesbitt & Co resigning and walking out and staying out and validating Robinson & Co, actions of resigning and walking out, re-nominating and re-instating themselves and walking in again and ..... mmmm ... resigning and walking out again!

Actions that have lead the public to call for clarification on the age old understanding that when a person resigns their post surely that means that they can’t return ...... apparently an understanding not applicable to ‘norn iron’ or more precisely the DUP! 

Extremely effective actions that completely paralysed the North’s various ministries and thus preventing them from functioning as normal. Which seems to contradict the historical record of the last few weeks! The general public, ignorantly unaware of such paralysis and oblivious to the effects of or fall-out from such efficacious actions continued on as normal, waiting in the ever lengthening queues of their local hospitals. Queues that lengthen even when the minister is in his chair!

To which some of the DUP tiring of too much resigning, walking, re-nomination, walking and re-instating decided to avail of the chauffeur driven ministerial cars that were technically not theirs to do so with while they didn’t hold ministerial office.

A matter dismissed as a trivial point when the greater good of ‘norn iron’ is at stake!

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