Lifting The Veil

Frank O'Brien thinks there is more behind the Paris attacks than meets the eye. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

When one takes a peek just below the surface of the coverage of the synchronized bloody and gory attacks in France, one finds the nasty little hand of GLADIO B being the director of the whole hideous show. Though I cover it to an extent elsewhere, it really takes some more looking at, with greater detail in mind. Attacks of these sorts were used to great effect back in the 60s, 70s and 80s, that is until the real secret behind them came to light.

Tired and disenchanted operatives began coming out of the woodwork spilling the beans on their NATO masters, and the major intelligence services that were involved too. Even documents surfaced that finally spoke to the existence of these state sponsored terrorists, who would bomb or shoot innocent civilians, then pinning the blame on some extreme left wing or right wing group.

Much the same happened in America during the 60s and 70s, when the Weather Underground was deliberately infiltrated, and had itself manipulated and used by the FBI/CIA to further the government's covert domestic agenda. Even famous music groups of the day, during the 60s and 70s, had the hand of big brother literally writing the script for their songs, and the picking out of who would be put out to be made famous. All of this is covered in a book, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, written by David McGowan, who also wrote the seminal work,"Programmed to Kill," which demonstrated US government involvement with directing serial killers by way of dosing them with psychotropics, and other mind altering drugs, all used in the then CIA mind control experiments.

Basically the research of today's ALT media is playing catch up in finding out the deep, and serious involvement the US government had in fomenting the anti-war movement, and the creation of the hippie movement, besides being behind the directing of where it all wound up going. Naturally the government would have a sincere interest in being the mastering minds behind the creation of the anti-establishment, since they could then not only keep an eye on it, but they could tinker with where it wound up going.

Just the same mentality is behind these latest GLADIO B operations, using extremist Muslims indoctrinated in no doubt mosques that had been infiltrated by NATO et al intelligence[read other major Western intelligence services]. The nasty part of it is that the corporate/intelligence influenced mass mainstream media in the West is completely ignoring these aspects of the attacks, instead only talking about ISIS/ISIL but not the hidden hands behind them. Until this information breaks threw enough from the ALT media, we face the dilemma of the big brother types calling all the shots, including the investigation of the attacks which they themselves served up via their jihadists proxies.

The wolf is guarding the hen house, picking off victims at random, or with the full intention of maximizing how good they will look coming in to supposedly save the day. We shouldn't allow any police, or security service to look into these latest attacks, but instead ought to form citizens committees, with no barriers put in the way of investigating these attacks.

Once it could be established beyond a reasonable doubt that there had been collusion between ISIS/ISIL, and the big brother types, then open prosecutions should then be vigorously pursued and the guilty thrown in jail until trial. The revelations of the original GLADIO terrorists, when they manipulated groups like the Red Brigades, and such, didn't see really any kind of justice brought to the ones truly guilty in the European governments.

No big surprise since the memory of the public shifts day to day, thereby only those stories that remain in the eye of the media storm actually see any concrete actions taken. With the G20 meeting being here soon, there would be a perfect time for demonstrations against these big brother so and so's to be brought forth, even using the tactics of strett brawlers if need be. A good ol' molotov cocktail can do wonders in taking on the bullies of the police and security forces that would try challenging any protestors. Hacking into government intelligence agencies, and posting the raw material pertinent to these black ops, like the creating of these false flag attacks, would be wonderful.

Naming names of the real architects behind France's tragedy is what I would say is a real must, and ANONYMOUS should lead the way in these cyber attacks, and penetrations. To bring the unvarnished truth before the eyes of the world public is the goal, and anything done in the name of this, as long as it doesn't harm any innocents, should be done with an immediacy like no other. Peeling away the pieces of the big brother onion is imperative to seeing how the whole terrorist scam is much like Russian nesting dolls, with layer after layer of corrupt government involvement and deception. This takes hacking since the secrets are hidden away in government intelligence databases only waiting to be exposed, yet hidden away from the public until the intrepid hacker succeeds in penetrating the guarded secrets. Some might call it a sophisticated form of investigative journalism even if the government bodies themselves would call it a crime.

Certainly enough exposes have shown the sinister mechanizations of these big brother types, like the Edward Snowden revelations did such a great job in documenting. Bringing an end to this false cover, and shifting the blame directly to the ones truly responsible is the goal, and ending this farce of a War on Terror, which has taken up enough of our collective time. These are the times for cyber patriots, and street demonstrators willing to take a rubber bullet for their efforts at unmasking the true villains in our midst. Time is on our side, as is the likelihood of the truth eking out slowly about who, and what were really behind these latest horrific attacks. Get ready big brother, for your days are numbered!!!

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