Lest We Forget

From Belfast Marxist a piece by  slamming Sinn Fein for inviting UDA leaders to speak in West Belfast.

The Ulster Defence Association(UDA), an organisation that is responsible for at least 300 murders, and the majority of them innocent members of Nationalist communities.

Some of the worst atrocities had been committed by the UDA e.g. The Greysteel Massacre, Sean Graham Bookmakers Massacre and many more. Every murder carried out by these cowards is as sick as the last, and now when it comes to the families achieving justice they are met with red tape as many UDA members were also Mi5 agents – especially those in command e.g. Brian Nelson, a member of the Force Research Unit(FRU) which was involved in nearly 200 murder plots.

On 13th November Sinn Féin welcomed two UDA leaders into our community, Jackie McDonald and Colin Halliday. The idea that this sort of interaction is progressive is ludicrous, it was only in July this year that both men attended the funeral of Colin Lindsay which had a UDA/UFF colour party.Also McDonald can be clearly seen wearing a UDA tie.

Also in August of this year Colin Halliday defended a parade along the Ormeau Road which glorified UDA commander Joe Bratty who was responsible for the Sean Graham Bookmakers Massacre. He even threatened that the parade may be “bigger and better next year.” And the very fact that these two gangsters had been invited into the heart of West Belfast is not only sickening but is a complete insult to the families who have lost loved ones at the hands of these murderers.

The event had been hosted in the Roddy McCorley Club, and to say the least it shocked not only myself but also many residents I spoke to about it, many of whom claimed they would never set foot in the club again. I came across many posts on Facebook from residents who were sickened by this, one that struck my eye had been a letter wrote by éirígí Belfast spokesperson Pádraic Mac Coitir who had explained he has yet to receive a response from the club. I'm truly interested in whether or not they do respond and what exactly their response will be.

I'm also curious to know whether or not Sinn Féin had contacted the community to make us aware of such a meeting. I could discuss how far Sinn Féin have gone to appease loyalism however this act speaks for itself, for nearly a week now the image of McDonald and Halliday sitting in front of the Irish Tricolour has been hard to shake, and even worse to imagine the disgust that fallen volunteers would have felt.

Therefore lest we forget all the innocent victims and volunteers murdered by these scumbags who sat cosy under our very noses with the same people who are paid to represent our communities. Shame, Shame, Shame.


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  1. Here we go again, another perfect example of harking back to the past and trying to claim the moral high ground in the actions of a horrible conflict.

    And why is a 'Marxist' not trying to reach out and educate the working class across the divide?

    When has not talking to the other side solved anything?