Foolery From The Facade

A 1916 Societies statement on the latest fiasco from the fandango crowd up at Stormont. 

Following the conclusion of yet another pseudo negotiation at Stormont, it’s purpose as ever to prop up British rule in the North, it is clear the status quo in Ireland is incapable of securing forward political progress. New thinking is required.

Partition has failed both the long-suffering people of the Six Counties and their compatriots to the South, who likewise endure a reactionary policy spectrum imposed by external actors. The private deal concocted by the Sinn Fein-DUP coalition, overseen by London and Dublin, will do nothing to change that.

As is already the case in the 26-Counties, ordinary men and women in the North are faced with tightening austerity measures, the lynchpin of the agreement brokered. The rich are to profit at the expense of working people, with the slashing of corporation tax to be funded by massive cuts to welfare, impacting on thousands of already struggling families. The British government, backed by Dublin, Sinn Fein and the DUP, has successfully stamped its long-running austerity agenda all over the deal.

On top of that, once again Britain refuses to admit its ‘Dirty War’, with ‘national security’ the instrument to avoid full disclosure. That some agreed to move forward on this basis – effectively losing out on both sides of the negotiation – is a clear demonstration of who holds sway in Ireland. It should likewise be noted the Sinn Fein project of drawing power away from Westminster, supposedly towards regional decision-making processes, stands in ruin, the handing back of key powers to London exposing the same as facade.

All of this makes clear the deal in question has been framed to uphold partitionist government, fulfilling the needs of the British state and its occupation system, with the people barely an afterthought. Ireland can achieve so much more and needs a new beginning. As such, the 1916 Societies, through our flagship One Ireland One Vote initiative, seek a credible alternative to endless negotiation and agreements which ignore the people.

We call instead for a truly democratic engagement, for an inclusive, all-Ireland referendum on Irish Unity, where the people determine their own future, without external impediment. The failed British-run process must go, to be replaced with a project the people control themselves. One Ireland One Vote can serve that end, inspiring a just and fair settlement in our country, giving rise to a new society and an Irish Republic befitting and worthy of us all.

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  1. 1, The 'British' would love to disengage from the North of Ireland, dressing the current situation up as Imperialist/Colonialist misadventure however true it may have been in the past, is not the reality we have today.

    2, Yet again I hear and read some stirring rhetoric of minimal substance regarding the right to Irish 'self-determination' and yet again I see absolutely nothing new to suggest a new way forward to achieve this.

    3, A 'United' Ireland should, one presumes, encompass ALL peoples on the island or am I just naive?

    Partition is the reality as unpalatable to your taste it may be, but it is the mechanism of government that the majority of people in the partitioned state are happy to be administered by.

    Where have the Socialist Republicans gone? As a Unionist I would much rather reach out the hand of co-operation across the sectarian divide to help the working class in matters of policy and common ground. This is key, as it should be a fundamental movement by parties like the PUP on the Unionist side and Socialist Republicans on the other.

    When has not talking, spitting the dummy out, and shouting ever achieved anything? Would any of you have imagined back when the hunger strikes were on that some of your comrades would be administering a British westminister-lite type of executive in the North in 30 years time?

    Adams was probably shocked and surprised at SF's polling when Sands died and realized that goal could only happen through the ballot box and eventually the armalites day was numbered. His goal has not changed just the method, and it's probably a bit more grown up than most

    Harping on about the past injustices just leads to hate, which in turn leads you nowhere.