Exposé Of Hypocrisy - Part 2

Sean Mallory scoffs at both the Orange Order and Belfast Telegraph depiction of recent events. Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican. 
  • Britain’s war dead remembered in Ireland by the Orange Order:

Dublin and Wicklow LOL – after laying a wreath to pay tribute to the brave British soldiers who lost their lives on Mount Street Bridge in Dublin while defending the interests of the British Empire in Ireland and against a bunch of miscreant republican scum during the 1916 rebellion, the web page of the LOL commented:
They were paying tribute to those in putting down the rebellion, the Sherwood Foresters who suffered heavy losses to Republicans under De Valera, a rebellion that replaced constitutional government with tyrannical government, and civic peace and harmony with rape and murder of life and property.

Eilis O’Hanlon’s contemptible attempt, Belfast Telegraph 16/11/2015, sought to politically score points on the suffering of the people of Paris by absurdly comparing ISIS actions to that of the Provisional IRA’s campaign.

And again in reference to Jim McDowell’s equally absurd claim in the same said paper that France and its allies could learn from the ‘Troubles’ in how to deal with ‘terrorism’...
Best summed up by Patrick Cockburn’s more intelligent analysis, Independent 16/11/2015:
But the apocalyptic tone of press coverage is exaggerated: the violence experienced hitherto in Paris is not comparable with Belfast and Beirut in the 1970s or Damascus and Baghdad today. Contrary to the hyperbole of wall-to-wall television coverage, the shock of living in a city being bombed soon wears off. 

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