Criminalised By Judiciary And Compliant Media

Martin Og Meehan with a letter to the Irish News 6 November 2015 in which he comments on the collapse of the case against three Lurgan republicans.

A chara,

the recent acquittal of three Lurgan Republicans raises a huge concern regarding human rights violations. The men were arrested, charged and imprisoned at the behest of MI5. They were immediately criminalised by the Judiciary and a compliant Media.

Separated from their families in a conspiracy to counter legitimate political opposition to the status quo. Much in the same way the Craigavon Two were railroaded through a Diplock Court to an unjust conviction.

The involvement of MI5 in Irish history has always been dishonourable. A number of other Republicans are currently on bail and incarcerated on similar charges that cause much anxiety for their families and wider society concerning internment by remand.

Despite claims by the Media, Churches and Politicians that the RUC/PSNI is independent, miscarriages of justice are all too real. After all, it has become increasingly evident that they and the DPP/PPS continue to be directed by MI5 to crush anyone who advocates an end to the British occupation and partition.

Is Mise,

Martin Og Meehan

Is é gáire ár gcuid páistí a bheas mar dhíoltas againn

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